13 April, 2012

Spring Warehouse Sale

Starting to sort out the sale pile; there's more.

We're having a spring warehouse sale. We used to call it a "yard sale", but our parking lot is not much of a yard. In any case, here are the details:

What's for Sale: 

We're selling sample parts that were sent for review or displayed in our showroom. There are some returns and a bunch of prototypes, some discontinued parts, parts that have been used on test bikes. All-in-all there are hundreds of items. We want to blow them all out in one day! So most will be priced at about half the regular web site price.

In case you can't find any garage sale stuff you like, we'll offer 15% off on any parts, accessories, or frames (but not mini-build kits) in stock. This reflects our savings in not having to process, pack and ship, so you must be here to get the discount.


The VO Garage Sale will take place between 9am and 12pm on Sunday April 22nd, rain or shine.


At Velo Orange of course, 1819 George Avenue, Annapolis MD, 21401

The Fine Print:
  • Nothing can be pre-ordered.
  • Cash or credit card only.
  • the 15% discount is available only to those who buy in person, not on-line.
  • Frame build kits not included.


Anonymous said...

So this is an in-person sale only then?
Why oh why must we be so far apart!?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Anony. Born on the wrong side of the tracks I guess.

And I'm too far to bike there. (Yes... I am. There's an ocean between.)

Anonymous said...

Tempted to send my sister in law from Tacoma Park over to check this out. I hope you'll consider selling the leftovers online, if there are any!

Anonymous said...

Here in Maryland we spell it "Takoma"

Anonymous said...

I've made several of these sales. Worth it on all levels, including the social mix and meet. Sadly, I'll not be in the country, or I'd be there for this one, too.



Anonymous said...

That's what stinks about being overseas. Missing REI and Velo garage sales.