04 January, 2012

Blogs We Read

We were chatting about bike blogs and I asked some of the VO staffers which ones they read. Here are a few that we find interesting:

And a few non-bike blogs that we like:

If you have any suggestions for non-commercial blogs, please mention them in the comments. We need new stuff to read in the new year.


gypsybytrade said...

"Pedaling in Place" is Joe Cruz on a Pugsley in the highlands of South America, currently in Argentina. The best non-winter fatbike touring stuff on the net: http://joecruz.wordpress.com/

559x94mm is the new 650b.

Anonymous said...

1. Kent Peterson's blog: http://kentsbike.blogspot.com/
Kent is one of the most well-rounded and grounded blogging cyclists out there. People would do well to read and think about what Kent writes about.

2. Concur with "Jill Outside" blog...Jill is actually now in Los Altos, CA (San Jose/Bay Area), although Jill continues to write occasional stories of Alaska (like her most recent post) and always has great pictures!

3. Akuta-san's blog: http://www.symphonic-net.com/france1961/ (readers may wish to use a translator tool). I love the pictures of his rides throughout Japan. Akuta-san's photos of the food are awesome too!

BG of GB

Dave said...

My blog Yurtville is mostly about cycling in Vermont, with a bit of homesteading and a few other things here and there.
Happy New Year!

Richard Risemberg said...

Don't know whether my Bicycle Fixation counts as "non-commercial," as I once in a while post product announcements, but it is mostly about bicycle infrastructure and practice in urban areas, so maybe...?

Commerce occupies something like 2% of the website, including the blog, the rest being articles, essays, and pix of cyclingn & cyclists.

Bicycle Fixation blog.

Jose Felix Garcia Bermejo said...

www.rodadas.net - Reference blog on cycling and bike trips in Spain - Europe

islaysteve said...

No mention of BikeSnobNYC? Are you kidding? He jabbed Rivendell a bit today, VO could be next!

Alec said...


Since Bikesnob is now world famous, we figured he'd want us to redistribute his mention to some of the more needy blogs on the 'net.

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

my blog.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but well-curated cycling imagery, preoccupied by vintage and French:


fridaycyclotouriste said...

I've followed the VO blog since the early days. Your take on bicycling aesthetics and craftsmanship helped inspire me to begin writing a somewhat eccentric blog about bicycling, coffee, and photography:



fmackay said...

I like reading the blog of EG Square, a Moulton dealer in Nagoya, Japan. Sadly, improvements to Google's translation service have robbed us of most of the bizarre poetry of machine translation from Japanese, but still specialist bike porn a-gogo.

Anonymous said...

The man behind the mask of The Plano Cyclist does a great job blogging about anything and everything bikes. You should follow this man!


Anonymous said...

I'm very sad that Ecovelo has retired, that was my favorite bike blog. In a close second, is a tie with Lovely Bicycle and Lets Go Ride a Bike. LGRAB in particular is a great resource for new urban cyclists.


Also, I could just look at Rides a Bike for hours. It's a great daily pick-me-up.



Anonymous said...

I read Iron Rider (www.eprider.blogspot.com) Its a well- written account of Randonneuring by a newbie.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't include AHTBM (http://www.allhailtheblackmarket.com/) and Cycling Inquisition (http://www.cyclinginquisition.com/)

cork-grips.com said...

Well I spose if Kyle were still at VO he'd recommend my blog!

philip williamson said...

Thanks for these recommendations - there were several I hadn't seen. I added Wheel Fanatyk to my blogroll to check out in depth.

My blog is about messing about with bikes more than riding them, but there's a little of that, too. www.biketinker.com.

@FridayCyclotourist - there was a typo in your URL. The correct one is:

eric said...

copenhagenize.com a nice angle on bicycle urban planning and bike culture in Copenhagen and elsewhere

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

Every single ride since March '06 documented here: ericsridelog.blogspot.com

TSVDP said...

This question is like asking about a favorite song, you think of ones you really like later on: but this one some might find interesting: Simply Bike Blog and I think she's a real nice person. At one point, I was under the impression she was up in Calgary but I could be wrong.

Italian Cycling Journal May not be the chosen lengua of this blog but it has a lot of entertaining tidbits, some of the high tech stuff I can do without but ever so often, something good and worthy of perusing with nice photos of the Dolomites, some history or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I would advise : http://www.cycling-challenge.com/ By far the funniest bike blog i know. Loads of ascents in the alpes, pyrenees and in europe.

Also : cycloclimbing.com