06 October, 2011

"The Book of Touring Bicycle" and Velocraft

Here are a few pages from the Japanese publication "The Book of Touring Bicycle". Many thanks to Kentaro Tsuchihashi of M's Bicyclette for arranging this and sending us a copy. Kentaro-san writes:
In this magazine, the publisher introduced Mr.Otsuki. Mr.Otsuki is the store manager of 'Velocraft'.The 'Velocraft' is one of the famous touring bike shop in Japan and Mr.Otsuki is the technical adviser and business partner for my company 'M's Collection'. He is very enthusiastic to Velo Orange products.


Anonymous said...

Why are Japanese cycling magazines are so much better than US bike mags? There also seem to be more of them to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Because Japanese are extreme hardcores when comes to hobbies and interest. Be it photography, audiophiles, cycling, home theatre, cars, watches, wine, food, etc. But things have change much since March Tsunami and earthquake as their economy is doing very bad these days. Sums up, their previously high living standard allows them to dip really deep into hobbies.