11 August, 2011

Customer's Bikes

It's been a while since we posted some of the photos of great bikes that we see in e-mails; here are a few.

Bob B. sent a photo of his VO Rando which he'll be riding in the 1200K Paris-Brest-Paris. He comments:

Let me tell you a bit about your bike since it left home.  I bought it within days of you first listing it on your website.  It is 57cm. Has many VO parts, seatpost (awesome for the Brooks Flyer), headset, bottom bracket, wheels, two types of pedals,  decaleur on an early acorn bag in the photo.

It has many rando miles on it.  It has been ridden in snow, rain, and gravel.   This is my second year with this bike.  I have completed 5 Super Randonneur Series on it so far.  I intend to add PBP and another SR to the list this year.  

It may not climb like a monkey, but it carves a wonderful line downhill.  For brevet riding it rides straight and true, absorbs road shock, and truly takes care of a tired rider.   Great job guys!

I'm very excited to be riding the VO Randonneur in Paris Brest Paris.

 Jo W. built this lovely LHT with many VO parts:

 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your great service and share my winter project with you. It a LHT that features wheels, stem,bell,spacers, pedals, clips, cages, seatpost, cranks, rack, and fenders purchased from you. This bike is an absolute blast to ride and the quality of the  VO/ grand cru parts is amazing.
Harry W. did a fantastic job on his new custom tourer:

Hello to velo orange,

enclosed you will find some pictures from my homemade touring bike.

Some parts from your shop, rims, fenders,stem,pedals, handlebar and others.
I also built the frame myself .
On Friday i will start my first journey from London to Edinburgh.

Guy B sent this photo of his Mikado, a brand I hadn't seen in many years.

I send you a picture of my Mikado Cyclotoureur bike updated with some Velo Orange parts. Mikado was a french canadian bicycle brand bought by Procycle in mid 90's.  The bike is a traditional mid 80's touring bike but after several years as a single speed bike (Phil Wood fix/free hub) i decided to update the frame. The rear fork end are new (no more derailler tab). Mafac Racer brake on brazed posts. A lots of other tiny frame change + brand new black powder coat paint job. The framebuilding job was done by Giuseppe Marinoni in Montreal and myself (small braze-on only).

Then what about Velo Orange fluted aluminum fender, bottle cage, stem and Ostrich handlebar bag? It's now a classical bike.

Note the bulge downtube on this picture: http://guybouchard.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/img_0016.jpg . The called this Mikado Low-flex downtube. I never saw another like mine.

Francisco did a nice job on his Polyvalent. What are those bars?


Dan said...

Really nice bikes! Chris, the bars on the poly appear to be Jones Loop H-bars.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the brake bridge/rear-fender mount on the LHT? It looks pretty clean and didn't require re-drilling the fender. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

The "Mikado Low-flex downtube" is perhaps the greatest frame enhancement ever implemented. It really works and is pure genius engineering.

John Hurley said...

Seem like a Gallery should be added to the VO site.

Anonymous said...

That bar looks like a Jones Loop H-Bar.