01 June, 2011

50.4bcd Rings and Other New Bits

What a busy week we're having, not much time to write blog posts. But I did want to mention a few items that just arrived.

The 50.4bcd inner rings and 50.4bcd outer rings are here. We also have single speed rings. They are fully compatible with TA, Sugino, Nervar, Grand Cru, Stronglight, and most other 50.4bcd cranks and they work with 6-10 speed chains.

The VO compact double crank is back in stock. But a production problem has delayed the next shipment of 50.4bcd Grand Cru cranks by a couple of months.

We have a few other small new bits: VO pedal replacement bearings, Grand Cru headset replacement bearings, and alloy crank dust caps. VO chain ring guards and fixing hardware will be on the site soon.


Ryan said...

I was hoping for a less expensive alternative to TA rings, but these actually cost more! Are they somehow better? I'd prefer no ramps and pins, since the chain tends to "snag" on the pins and make irritating noises in my experience.

web said...

Please sell the lovely crank dust caps minus the bolts. I've got about 25 sets of bolts lying around and REALLY want to order the dust caps for multiple bikes!

dwainedibbly said...

46/28 double now possible. Nice!

Won't the TA inner go as small as 26T? Any chance of those (or any other sizes, inner, outer, single) being added?

On my Alfine-11 Polyvalent I'm using a pair of old Nervar cranks (newly polished) with a new TA 44T ring. I found some chrome plugs at the hardware store in one of those drawers of fasteners & small parts. It doesn't look as nice as it would with a real single ring, but it's not bad.

Jammy Straub said...

Will your average derailleur even work with a setup like a 30/50?

Nice work bringing these to market!

Dale said...

The rings look great but I wanted to mention that I'm really pleased with the Fluted Compact double crank I just received. Although you are busy, you are very much keeping on top of things with good delivery times.

I prefer the look of the dust cap on the fluted double over the 50.4bcd. Will these work on other cranks and if so how about selling these separately?

Anonymous said...

Hey Web, I will take those extra bolts off your hands if you wish, so you can order brand new and shiny ones from VO.

Jon said...

I'm also curious how these VO rings are different from TA rings, aside from country of origin and price.

Velo Orange said...

The VO rings are thicker and less flexible that TA rings. Flexibility was often a problem with 50.4bcd rings. They also have modern tooth profiles and shifting aids, so shifting is much smoother, especially across wide range doubles. I've been using 50.4bcd cranks and rings for decades and these are the best shifting ever.

Peter said...

Okay, so the rings are finally here (yes, you need to get a 26T granny). Now let's see about bolt kits:

1) A single-ring bolt kit. This should be easy to do; just have the crank-to-chainring bolts from the current double-ring pack packaged separately from the chainring-to-chainring bolts, and sell them as a separate item. Perhaps $8-10 for the crank/chainring group, $12-14 for the chainring/chainring group and $20 for a full set would underwrite the expense of maintaining separate SKUs.

2) Triple-ring, triple-ring, triple-ring. I've raised this point several times before, and I raise it again: Those of us who use triple-ring 50.4 cranks need these bolts more than anyone, because there are no new sources for compatible parts. I have been forced to use M6 machine screws with Nylock nuts - a secure mechanism, but not an exact fit.

If you're following the TA pattern (short bolts for everything, with nuts of different length depending on purpose), the only new part you'd need is a longer nut. You'd use the same bolts from the double set, toss six extra spacers in, and you're done.

Alternately, what is the threading pattern on the bolts? I've assumed they're 0.8 standard pitch, rather than 0.75 TA pitch. But if they are thread-compatible with TA nuts, I could recycle TA triple nuts for use with VO's more rugged stainless bolts.

Taylor said...

Jammy Straub, I run a 30/48 on a White Industries VBC crank and have no issues using a standard SRAM road FD. 30/50 might be a bit large, but I wouldn't rule it out.

Anonymous said...

Anything lower than a 28 in the future?

johnson said...

I run a 46/26 with an otherwise SRAM Red drivetrain, and it works quite well. You just have to get your mech height dialed.

Peter said...

While I'm agitating for new products that are slight modifications of existing products, how about spare/replacement electrical connectors for the dynamo hub? I've just finished building my wheel, and I realize that the plastic connector is:

1) breakable
2) loseable (AKA stealable, if someone decides to strip your lighting system)
3) cheap to make, therefore cheap to stock/sell as a separate item

When it comes to small fitted parts, I always want to have spares around. I'd gladly buy ten of these, just in case. What's more, it would allow me to equip multiple framesets with dynamo lighting systems, and switch the wheel around.

Jammy, the traditional front derailleur technique for half-step/granny triples is to use a old-fashioned double-ring front derailleur, probably because the cages are usually wider than modern ones. Campagnolo Nuovo Records are common, since there are a ton of them around. I currently use an NR with a 34/46/50 setup, but I'm about to switch to a smaller granny ring - either 26 or 29T. I'm not anticipating any problems

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I have been waiting a long time for rings like these! I want to use the single speed version on a WW project. I therefore need to know how much the 44T single speed ring weighs. I'm guessing it won't be very light due to the 4,5 mm thickness.

If you could provide this information I would be very grateful!

Velo Orange said...

The 44t ring weighs 130g.

Gunnar Berg said...

Another thing that people need - left-hand crank-arms. A couple of years ago I bought a right-hand TA three arm on eBay 'cause it was $5. I figured eventually a left hand arm would show up. They never do. For every orphan LH arm out there there are a dozen RHs looking for a warm and loving home.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Why is it the left arms don't show up? Were they weaker? I just got a very nice Stronglight 49D right arm as gift and was hoping to find a left arm and put new VO rings on it. Maybe I'll have little luck?