16 May, 2011

In Japan

Here is another nice bit of press about VO. It's a two page spread in a lovely Japanese magazine called Cyclo Tourist. Thanks to Kentaro-san of M's Bicyclette for sending this along. This past year we've seen a lot of growth in the Japanese market.
I'm always surprised by the really nice selection of bike magazines available in Japan. They feature fantastic photography, substantial and informative articles (I'm told), and at least a couple of them devote a lot of coverage to the sort of equiptment and riding we're interested in. I wish I could actually read them. Check out a few sample pages from Cyclo Tourist:
Even the ads are cool:


mevanoff said...

You can use Google Translate to view the Japanese web pages as good-enough English. Basic info is at http://translate.google.com/support/

masmojo said...

Beautiful to be sure! what brand is that green bike?? I often wonder who is bidding on those Simplex deraillers on Ebay; now I know!!!

Anonymous said...

The green bike is a Toei,

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, any chance of a link to the Cyclo Tourist magazine website if there is one?

YpacaraĆ­ said...

Here is the blog of the editor.

robatsu said...

That is gorgeous stuff for sure. Unfortunately, that sort of cycling gear, or any high end cycling kit for that matter, is much more rare on the ground here in Japan than it is in the U.S.

Just any bike w/drop bars is out of the ordinary enough for me to take notice (I'm in Osaka..).

But pretty magazines, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I think you can buy a copy here