19 May, 2011

The 50-Order Club

A short post by Annette:

Back in October 2009, I wrote of a customer who had just gained free shipping forever from Velo Orange:

"Today's feat, however, can't go unacknowledged, as the weird convergence of customer loyalty and warehouse accuracy will likely never be repeated. One of our customers has placed his 50th order. Amazingly, we have never messed up a single order of his..."

One and half years later, a second customer has gained membership in the VO Free Shipping Forever club, despite our messing up at least one of those orders.

Strangely, the relationship between us and the first club member continues to be defined by weird convergence: his latest order was number 100010000.

Thanks to both for sticking with us through thick, thin, and 100010000.


Gunnar Berg said...

So, how do we know when we get in the club? Are there any bronze plagues involved? Passwords? Secret handshakes?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about plagues, but if we ever have a proper VO headbadge (preferably a stippled orange with stem and leaf) it would serve as a plaque.

DC Brewer said...

Hey Chris, I have a ways yet before I get to 50 orders, but I do expect to make that level one day! I actually just broke my rear wheel and thought immediately of ordering a new one from VO, but you seem to be out of stock. Any idea when you might be getting more 700c rear wheels in? Thanks!

masmojo said...

50 orders? hmmm I am intrigued! VO has quite a number of products, but I think I would have to order one of everything all on separate orders to ever have a hope of reaching 50! and as someone else mentioned many products are chronically out of stock! Oh well, I can dream! Maybe someday! Sigh!

Don said...

I just received the VO Orange Grand Cru seat post. It is beautiful! Every bit as nice as the two Jaguar's that I own. Actually I think the Grand Cru is easier to adjust than the Nitto Jaguar. Thanks.

thomas said...

That makes me tear up. So beautiful.