14 January, 2011


Here are a few notes about arriving items and new products.

We've been out of a few things due to the holiday rush so we arranged an air shipment. The following should be back in stock within the next couple of weeks: BBs in many sizes, Grand Cru headsets, VO touring, road, and city pedals, cargo nets, wheel stabilizers and stems.

Our new Raid rims should be here within days. They are a strong double-eyelet box section rim. The width is 22mm and they look like a wider version of the PBP rim. I think this size falls right the sweet spot in rim width and in strength-to-weight ratio. I'll post full details and photos when they arrive.

We'll also be getting the new switchable dyno hubs very soon, at least the first small shipment. The rest of the production run will arrive in March. Again, I'll post full details only when they arrive, but here is a photo of one of our test units with a few thousand miles on it.

March will see many new products arriving by ship, two containers worth actually.

The most exciting of these are probably the new Grand Cru hubs. The high flange cassette version won't be done in time, but the freewheel, high-low, and fixed hubs are almost ready.

The long awaited VO and Grand Cru chrome stems will, with a bit of luck, also be ready in time to sail.

And, finally, the single speed version of the Grand Cru 50.4bcd crank is nearing completion and should be aboard.


Matteo said...

All this will be just in time for when I get back from Hong Kong! I'll have some extra spending cash from my adjudicating there that I plan on using here with which to better set up my 80's fuji touring bike. Looking forward to coming down for a visit in a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

CK - You got Shimano on the ropes man !! One last combination and they'll be down for the count !

dwainedibbly said...

Single speed 50.4 BCd cranks!!!!

Can you tell me what the chain ring size(s) will be? Any chance I can pre-order?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new dyno-hub!
Will you have a 28 hole version?
I have a nice 28h rim that's been waiting for the right hub to come along.

Cycles J Bryant said...

Wow, I didn't realize VO branched out into freight and airline industry. Cudos on your rapid growth...

OK, in all seriousness, I'm anxiously awaiting those freewheel hubs. I aim to get a rear and put some rough miles on it. WooHoo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the bike industry must really be booming... a VO cargo ship, too cool.

Anonymous said...

ha! thanks for the laugh. VO Air ;)

OwenW said...

I have a prototype of the front hub that I got at the VO swap meet, and I love it!

Will the production versions be field serviceable? Like the current Phil hubs, will an allen wrench do to remove spacers?

On the freewheel rear, will different spacers be available to tailor the disk to 5, 6 &/or 7 speed freewheels, and for different dropout widths?

AND, will they interchange with Phil hubs???

Have prices been determined?


Tom said...

owenw- The hubs will have replaceable cartridge bearings. Phil Wood definitely makes bearings that can be retrofitted. Grand Cru hubs are a different design than the Phil hubs, so not sure why you would require interchangeability with Phil, or Shimano, or Campag for that matter. The freewheel hubs will available in 2 drillings (32 and 36h) with 2 options for 126 and 130 spaced frames. They will take spacers that are commonly found (wheels mfg) if you want to dial in the chainline further.

And we are not making disc hubs.

bubba said...

Switchable dyno FTW!

Anonymous said...

Will the hubs be able to be spaced out to 135mm? A number of touring bicycles use this spacing to reduce dish.

Chris Kulczycki said...

We won't have 135mm hubs in the first production run, but we probably will later.

charlie said...

Okay.....so how much for the generator hub in 36 hole drilling ?

eaglerock said...

Are we close enough yet on the generator hubs to get measurements? A youthful cyclist (AKA reckless teenager) T-boned me the other day and bent my front wheel into a pretzel, so getting a new front wheel together has become an urgent issue. If I can at least get measurements on the new hub, I can calculate spoke lengths and start assembling the necessary bits and pieces.

Anonymous said...

Have ballpark prices been set for the new hubs (the freewheel hubsets AND the dyno-hub)???

thank you.

Satya said...

Love it! VO lines/VO air :)

Anonymous said...

As noted, I have a a prototype of a front hub and truly love it. It appears to be an homage to the Campy Tipo hub. I'm curious why you did not take the next step and go homage to the MaxiCar design?

I will be getting a set of these, but I'm just curious. The higher flange and remarkable beauty of the MaxiCar design seems like it would have been a natural for VO, no?


Owen W