07 December, 2010

A Couple of Specials

Remember these cranks? They are the chrome plated version of our new compact double crankset that were produced in error. We made a prototype that was chrome plated aluminum alloy. While it looked great and performed perfectly, most folks preferred a polished alloy finish, as on the triple and polyvalent cranks. Unfortunately, the change in specifications did not reach the factory. We received some in August; the rest just arrived. Again, they look and function perfectly in every way and have proven to be very durable. They are simply not what we wanted. So I decided we'd just blow them out.

The regular anodized finish version are also available.

We also ordered a wrong fender model. Instead of ordering a model we were almost out of, we ordered one that we had tons of. So our 48mm fluted fenders are on sale. Not a good day in the ordering department!


Janice in GA said...

I benefited from the fender overstock. :) Got my fenders last week and installed them. They were a little more challenging than the plastic fenders I installed, but once I figured out what to do, I got everything done. And they're working great so far, and look GOOD on my bike. :) Shipping was astonishingly fast, btw. Many thanks!

Felkerino said...

Chris, from the site photos these cranks appear to have holes for an inner ring -- is that correct?

Great deal either way.

Tom said...

There are no holes to mount a triple chainring on this compact double crank.

Anonymous said...

Can someone point me to a source for fender size info?

I'd like to know if these 48mm fenders will work on a 27"-> 700c conversion.

Velo Orange said...

Choosing fenders article:


700c fenders do fit 27" wheels. The difference in their radius is only 4mm.