19 October, 2010

Miscellany and Pretty Bikes

 A few things that may interest you:
  • We'll have a disc brake version of the dyno hub. A lot of you asked for them.
  • Prototype PBP double-eyelet rims are here and they look great. We hope to have them in stock by mid-winter.
  • A 700c version of the Polyvalent is in development.
  • We just received another shipment of Pari Moto tires.
  •  Longtime customer Bob R.attended the annual TOEI Owners Meeting in Japan. He was also the guest of honor. Photos can be found here.
  • The photo is of Linda's VO Mixte, a very fine build.
  • Hufnagel Cycles, of Portland OR, is creating some really cool custom rando-style bikes. Check out the first two, which feature a few VO parts.
  • Kyle B. built a lovely mixte based on a 1984 Nishiki Sport Mixte frame. Lots of VO parts, of course.


Anonymous said...

Are there any plans for 26" (i.e. 559) versions of some of the VO rims?

Velo Orange said...

There are no firm plans for 26" VO rims, but if the rims continue to sell well in 700c and 650b sizes we will consider making 26" versions next year.

Dottie said...

Ooooh, such a pretty mixte!

charlie said...

Okay so when can I put some money down on a dynamo hub with the clutch in it? I am about ready to spend some money and would like the one you are talking about. Any ideas as to when (exactly) you will be taking orders? Howe about some photos of the dynamo?

keithwwalker said...

Just picked up a Nishiki mixte this weekend. Looks great!

Johnson said...

The selection of 26" classy looking rims w/ eyelets is already pretty good. I wonder if the market is already saturated? Mavic alone makes 4 models in various weights, available in silver.

Phil said...

I like the idea of a 700c Polyvalent. Nice one! Where did you end up on colours for the Polyvalents? Will the 700c model be the same colour as the 650b?

Andy said...

What is the idea behind a 700c polyvalent? It seems that wider tires are suited for this (multi) purpose.

Eagerly awaiting the delivery of my 650b PV frameset!

Velo Orange said...

The dyno hubs should arrive around the end of the year.

The 700c Polyvalent would address the following issues:

1)Some folks don't think that 650b bikes look right in larger sizes. The 700c version would be available up to 63cm size.

2) More and more customers are using Polyvalents for loaded touring. They see the wider availability of 700c tires as an advantage.

3) The 700c version would have a slightly shorter top tube since we think most folks will use drop bars with them.

Phil said...

I do think all of those reasons make sense. The 60cm 650b model isn't large enough for me. And what would be the tipping point for probably buying one (besides changing the paint colour from the current 650b model) would be downtube shifter bosses!

Andy said...

Thanks for the responses, Chris, that's interesting.

Have you decided how much geometric trail the 700c model might have?

What kind of tire clearance (with fenders of course!) would you target on the 700c?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a VO saddle modelled after the Avocet touring shown in the photo.

Nice vinyl is fantastic for city bikes and other rigs that one might like to leave in the weather.

dwainedibbly said...

Any chance that the 700C polyvalent can be even more of a do-everything bike and have tabs for disc brakes? Certainly they aren't traditional, but they make sense sometimes. (My commute will soon have a significant hill and discs, or at least a front disc, might make sense.) And with the new cyclocross rules allowing discs, we may soon see some interesting hardware. Consider at least making the front disc-compatible.