02 June, 2010

Cirque du Cyclisme

This is a reminder that the 13th annual Cirque du Cyclisme takes place this weekend in scenic Leesburg,  VA.

In addition to rides, seminars, and more cool bikes than you'll ever see in one place, there is the swap meet. VO will be there with lots of seconds, prototypes, and overstock parts that have been taking up space in our warehouse.
Go to the Cirque site for all the details


Cheap Charlie said...

Tell us what things you will be selling. Be specific, and tell us how much we can save.

Thank you

Velo Orange said...

Cheap, I have no doubt that almost everything will sell. You can come and be surprised, or not. That's the fun of swap meets.

scottg said...

I checked my spies at VO GHQ and found....

DuraAce FC - 4 speed close ratio hub gear
Dia-Compe Cambio-Corsa shifters
Nitto-Osgear SuperChampion derailers
Tektro-MAFAC center-pull brakes.
Sugino-Herse cranksets.

Steve said...

ScottG, I think you've been hitting the secret sauce a little too hard. ;-)

Unknown said...

This is really awesome, but honestly I'm refreshing the blog every day just to see if the Grand Cru long reach brakes are back in stock yet.

I wish the best for you at this event, but for me, it's a cruel tease.


Unknown said...

Picked up a beautiful constructeur rear rack for $25 - thanks VO!