13 January, 2010

New VO Wheels

Hundreds of new VO-rimmed wheels showed up yesterday. We'll be putting them into stock today and tomorrow. All are hand built in the USA and use DT stainless steel spokes. All the rims are highly polished and all the hubs are silver.  Here's a rundown of the new models:

700c Wheels:

  • VO PBP 36h 700c rim with Novatron dyno hub, $130
  • VO PBP 32h 700c rim with Shimano 105 silver front hub, $105
  • VO PBP 32h 700c rims with Formula fixed/free sealed bearing hubs (front & rear set) $185 
  • VO Diagonale 36h 700c rim with S/A 3-speed hub, $140
  • VO Diagonale 32h 700c rim with Shimano 105 silver front hub, $95
  • VO Diagonale 36h 700c rim with Shimano 105 silver rear hub, $140
  • VO Diagonale 36h 700c rim with Shimano Nexus DLX 8-speed IGH redband (w/shifter) $285
  • VO Diagonale 36h 700c rim with Shimano DH-3N72 Dynohub, $180

650b Wheels:
  • VO Diagonale 36h 650b rim with S/A 3-speed hub, $140
  • VO Diagonale 36h 650b rim with Novatron dyno hub, $130
  • VO Diagonale 32h 650b rim with Shimano 105 silver front hub, $95
  • VO Diagonale 36h 650b rim with Shimano 105 silver rear hub, $140


Anonymous said...

excellent news....but you guys have gotta get a 650b FG/single speed wheel.


Travis said...

Are the spokes straight gauge or double butted?

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I will be ordering a 700c set with DH-3 Dyno front and 105 rear soon for medium loaded randonneuring type rides.

What advantages do the PBP set have over the same set with CR18 rims? Wondering which set to go with.

Chris Kulczycki said...

The VO Diagonale rims are probably stronger and they are fully polished. Some wheel builders also report that they are "rounder" and "truer".

Tom said...

We had the wheels built with DT 14 gau spokes and brass nipples. It's a 3 cross pattern.

Butted spokes would add a chunk of dollars to the prices.

Tom said...

The PBP rim is narrower than the Diagonale or CR18 rims.

Anonymous said...

When will you get the PBP 700c 105 rear wheels back in stock?

Vijay said...

Can the formula rims be sent with a hollow axle for a quick release?

Anonymous said...


I am heavy (I weigh over 250), and I like to tour.
One of the things that has made me reluctant
to embrace 650B is the lack of a truly bombproof
wheel that can take my weight + 50 pounds of
gear. I have velocity dyads with 40 holes (700c) on my bike, which fit this description. Your new
Diagonale rims might come close, but ideally I
would want a 40 (and maybe a 48 hole) version. Any chance of that?

Eugene, OR

woodward said...

This may be a niche comment, but will VO ever consider 40 spoke rims???

A reasonably priced, indestructible, 40 spoke wheelset would sell like hotcakes within the polo community. Plus tourers would love 'em!

Tom said...

with 72 spokes, that polo ball will NEVER fly through the wheel.

Think we can sell 250 pairs of 40 or 48 hole Diagonales? That's the level of order our factory will expect. I'm not willing to put that kind of money into inventory like that.

Tom said...

The fixed wheels have a hollow axle, but it's too long to be used as a quick release, unless you cut it down, which I don't recommend. Those hubs don't currently have an option for a true QR length axle.

Grey said...

The wheels look good, but you have typo here: VO Diagonale 36h 650b rim with Shimano 105 silver reart hub, $140

the t after rear

jamesmallon said...

I am all over those Nexus/Alfine wheels... once there is a decent shifter for road bars. Something I can use on a downtube boss is ideal, but I can live with bar end. Jtek's bar end had middling reviews, and they have folded their business anyway. Guess I'll keep waiting.

Short of that, I'd be all over a 5-speed Sturmey Archer wheel, as they do have a decent shifter.

keithwwalker said...

You've got the nice wheels, now it is time for a smashing frame pump. The plastic ones I see for sale look --plastic...

Anonymous said...

Any chance the lovely Diagonale rim will be available in 559 diameter?

Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased to see some more options for pre-built 650b wheels. I only wish that there was a single speed/fixed rear wheel in 650b.

Anonymous said...

Yah me too. it'd be nice to find some pre-built ss/fixed rear wheels in 650b.

Anonymous said...

i would love for you guys to sell some prebuilt ss/fixed 650b wheelsets. There is definitly a need for these. Nobody else is selling them.