12 May, 2009

Showroom Closed 5-13-09 & 5-14-09

The VO showroom will be closed Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. We're getting new carpeting.

Web orders will go out as usual; there's no carpeting in the warehouse.


Anonymous said...

Is it true you will be applying two coats of shellac on top of the carpet ?

David said...


Did you catch the announcement the NAHBS-2010 will be in Richmond, VA?

Anonymous said...

Looking in vain for the showroom address in the Velo Orange website or blog. Is it deliberately an undisclosed location?


Spy vs. Spy said...

on the corner , near the post office.

Le Cagot said...

Their address is in the FAQ and in the "Info" section of the site.

1819 George Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney has been spotted in the nearby duck blind, hence the undisclosed location.