05 March, 2009

The Anonymous Commenter

I'm very gratified that this blog has evolved into place for serious discussion about bike, and other, matters. We get more comments and better discussion than most of the bike blogs I've seen. But I've noticed more and more impolite comments here lately. In fact, I've noticed a breakdown in civility recently on several other blogs too. In almost every case the offending words are posted by an anonymous commenter. So I'm considering changing the blog settings so only registered users can leave comments. Basically, you would have to use a screen name. Is that a good idea? Anyone have an opinion?

Also, I'm off to Puerto Rico for a few days of hiking and swimming. VO will continue to function normally, but I may not be able to answer e-mails as there is some ambiguity about web access where I'll be staying. Tom, however, will respond to technical questions.


Anonymous said...

I think anyone that posts anonymously must be an inherently rude and spiteful person.

Though I have noticed some snooty comments from the regular posters in here.

Anonymous said...

You should keep anonymous posting open but moderate -- that is, remove uncivil posts.

I don't leave registered comments because I don't like facilitating data mining or other other forms of commercial profiling. The threats to privacy are too much to stomach. I am, on the other hand, willing to sign my name to this otherwise anonymous post.

This, I know, is a distinction only a geek could love. Guilty as charged. Still love your stuff.

Will Rodger

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I think a general breakdown in civility has been growing for a while. I don't know why, although I read the comments to your posts less because of it. This is a shame, since your blog is one of the few that really asks for feedback from the readers.

I don't have a problem disabling anonymous comments. It's been a much abused feature since the old Usenet newsgroups, and the reason it was often disabled in the past is exactly the one you are experiencing now. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it is depressing.

Anyway, it's your blog, you should run it however you see fit. I will continue to read it regardless.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

You are quite right. There has
been a breakdown in civility among
recent comments, and I hope in the
future that people will have better
manners. Enjoy your vacation to
Puerto Rico.
Tom, Thanks for the information about the proper chainring size for
the SA 8 gear hub. If it is designed
for rings of 30 to 33 teeth, then the
gear range makes more sense.

Terry said...

I have not problem disabling anon comments, but anon comment #2 has me a little worried now.

David Killick said...

I haven't spent a lot of time in the comments section on this site, but I had a read back and agree you do seem to have a problem. I suggest simply moderating the comments and deleting the ones from the obvious dickheads - it seems to have one or two among your commenters. You can always ban anonymous comments later if this doesn't produce the desired effect.

It would be a shame of as few peanuts were to ruin an otherwise fine blog.

Unknown said...

I can appreciate the reluctance to "register" -- if someone is going to mine my data, I feel as if I should have some say (and hey, why not some profit? ;-} )
That said, incivility can, and often does, make discussion difficult and ultimately not worthwhile. I don't know how to accommodate perfectly reasonable requests for anonymity and still preserve civility. If I had to make the decision I'd put anonymous comments in a queue for moderation -- but of course that's partly because I'm not the person who would have to decide on each of those comments. Good luck, and good vacation.

David Killick said...

I haven't spent a lot of time in the comments section on this site, but I had a read back and agree you do seem to have a problem. I suggest simply moderating the comments and deleting the ones from the obvious dickheads - it seems to have one or two among your commenters. You can always ban anonymous comments later if this doesn't produce the desired effect.

It would be a shame if a few peanuts were to ruin an otherwise fine blog.

Pondero said...

I have no problem standing by my comments. It doesn't seem unreasonable to ask for that level of responsibility for those who wish to voice their views.

Anonymous said...

Chris--I am surprised you have extended as much grace as you have in the vitriolic anon posting. I may be guilty of some snarky posts, but I think all have been signed with my name.
For those worried about 'them' finding out more about you, take on a pen name for these sorts of things. No one is going to read through an niche cycling blog, pick out subversive pro-cycling comments, work on discovering the true identity of 'Honjodave' or 'decaleursteve' and then pass this info onto Big Oil. I can promise you that--and not just because I am a Big Oil stooge. The point is, I think, to have A name attached to comments, so the commenter is known to the wider community of VO blog.
Below is a code of conduct from the Sojourners blog (Sojourners is a Christian Social-Justice magazine and community based in the Washingto DC area) http://www.sojo.net/:
Comment Code of Conduct

I will express myself with civility, courtesy, and respect for every member of the Sojourners online community, especially toward those with whom I disagree—even if I feel disrespected by them. (Romans 12:17-21)

I will express my disagreements with other community members' ideas without insulting, mocking, or slandering them personally. (Matthew 5:22)

I will not exaggerate others' beliefs nor make unfounded prejudicial assumptions based on labels, categories, or stereotypes. I will always extend the benefit of the doubt. (Ephesians 4:29)

I will participate in community accountability by rating posts up or down based not on what ideas are expressed but on how they're expressed, and will flag posts that violate these rules of conduct. (Proverbs 12:18)
M Burdge

Anonymous said...

Please count me as +1 on everything that Will Rodger said! Don't close anonymous comments s'il vous plait!

Steve said...

Chris asks:

So I'm considering changing the blog settings so only registered users can leave comments. Basically, you would have to use a screen name. Is that a good idea? Anyone have an opinion?

Yes, by all means, please do. It's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Dale Brown from the CR list- 'treat this forum like you are sitting in Chris' garage, talking about bikes, politics, life. He may even share a baguette or some wine'.


Anonymous said...

Not registered here but am registered on the Peter White and Rivendell forums. I do always sign my name here though.

If you decide a change is best, I will register, Big Brother be darned.

Anonymous said...

Why not just remove the truly distasteful posts anon or not?

Steve said...

Anonyme Grego a dit...

"Please count me as +1 on everything that Will Rodger said! Don't close anonymous comments s'il vous plait!"

And yet, yours isn't an anonymous comment!

Unknown said...

just feel free to kill posts you don't like. don't make us jump through hoops to post occasionally. It's your site, so control the digital ink with the delete key.
Jerry in Orange County CA

Ian Dickson said...

Can't we all just get along?

Velo Orange said...

Simply deleting comments may be the best solution, but the thing is that I really hate to delete comments. Though I have deleted a few particularly bad ones. Please understand that a bit of snark is fine, even appreciated, so long as it's funny or informative or clever. Nothing like a good argument keep one's interest. But too often it's been just plain uninformed and mean comments posted here. Those are the sort that ruin it for everyone.

Anonymous said...

To get an uncivil commentator to mend their ways have them read David Denby's new book "Snark" before they are allowed to post again. At least it might elevate the invective to a point where the rest of us might enjoy the literary aspirations.

Ian Dickson said...

They don't really ruin it for me. As soon as I see that a commenter is fixated on either Surly (I really like Surly, but damned if I know what they have to do with V-O) or goods sourced from Asian Countries Other Than Japan, I skip ahead.

Now and then someone gets weirdly hostile over, say, headsets, but what are you going to do about that? If nothing else, it reminds me that there are all kinds of people out there...

dr2chase said...

By register, do you mean google/blogger? In that case, fine. As far as data-mining goes, I just cannot get that worked up about it. Stuff I want to keep private, I simply do not talk about on the internet, period. Stuff that has my name on it, I remember that anyone might read it, now, or in the future, and that does a lot to keep me (relatively) civil (especially considering that my children my stumble across it).

Steve said...

Yes it is a good idea. Anonymous posting brings out the worst in everyone: there is no sense of personal responsibility for one's words or actions. This is the case on many boards I've watched: as soon as anonymous posters are allowed, civility goes down the drain.

Gunnar Berg said...

Damn. Now I'll have to log in Google and establish a new nom de plume for my vitriolic comments.

I think it's a good idea, even to Dale Brown's full name and address policy.

reverend dick said...

Leave the anonymous comments available, and do not delete them. Just ignore them; they'll go away. Ignorance is funny when you aren't required to correct it. Let them be wrong or rude publicly, it is their problem and not your own.

People get lathered up over minutiae here, and it is funny.

Justin August said...

I say axe the anonymous comments. I, along with a few others, run the site Punknews.org and we were swamped in the muck of anonymous comments for years. We switched to registered comments only a year ago and the conversations there have turned better - if you can believe it reading what's there now.

I say turn off the anonymous - you can be virtually anonymous anyways given the ubiquity of OpenID services and blogger accounts.

z-man said...

I enjoy the "heated" discussions that appear, and participate as often as I have something to say. I find that rudeness appears when something is said that is not generally a Socialist-agreeable position. This is a problem we liberals have-we tend to dismiss anybody who doesn't agree with us and then accuse others of doing the same thing-weird.
I say let it go as long as there is no profanity, but hey, it's your thing to do with as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

This rudeness business seems to go in waves. I recall someone actually using someone else's address to post a really vulgar comment in another blog not too long ago. If someone is determined, they'll get there.

But I also notice that it seems to escalate from one fairly low key offensive comment, or even just an opinion of preference, to something outrageous, and the cycling world is nothing if not full of opinions and preferences. Some people just can't stand it and have to mouth off.

I'm with Will Rodger on posting anonymously for the reasons he mentions, but signing my name at the bottom.

Kathryn Hall

robatsu said...

Tough call. I'm fascinated by how VO has been driven in large degree by internet feedback. When it works, the anonymous feedback is good for a casual user who doesn't want a traceback or a familiar one to give frank, yet constructive criticism.

However, the trend line recently seems to be pretty darn negative, though, and getting into the politics/time sink of moderation is a huge drag, maybe diverting resources at VO from producing those loose ball, high flange, freewheel hubs I pray for every night.

Given that, I'd vote for disabling moderation and see if that improves the value of the blog comments to VO, especially if those hubs show up (or at least Lauterwasser bars..).

Anonymous said...

I felt better about things when I started posting with my name. From a behaviorist viewpoint, I think the anonymous function allows people to be less polite than they would otherwise.

I also was surprised by some of the comments recently.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Why do people get worked up over bike parts? If people start getting rude about bike conversations and can't be bothered to stand behind what they say, book why give them a forum? Although, they are usually smart enough to just register under a false name.
Maybe we should all just do what I do on Facebook when I get 'poked' or whatever- ignore, ignore, ignore!:)

Matt in Tacoma said...

As a customer and commenter, I find it worthwhile for VO to associate my name with my thoughts and preferences. For those who feel they have a comment worth posting, it shouldn't be a big deal to take the time to sign-in first, even if using some internet alias.

Raiyn said...

Most everyone has one of the available log ins acceptable on Blogger. Let the Anons eat cake.

Anonymous said...

I agree about disabling anonymous comments, but will this include the unregistered "Nom/URL" option? I think that one is a reasonable hurdle without scaring off the friendly-but-paranoid.

Andrew F said...

Disabling anonymity is probably the easiest solution. People tend to be nicer when there is a name there. And if they don't, then just block the offenders.

Anonymous said...

as you grow and are able to sell your company to QBP ( you're gonna be rich) you might want to edit things and collect emails and names, but for now leave things in the raw, natural, unmoderated, anonymity-able state.

Unknown said...

I think leave anonymous comments totally open. Let haters hate. It only reflects poorly on themselves. You at VO have probably thousands of better things to do with your time than make a judgement call on every single post. We registered users will gladly ignore or dismiss spiteful posts.

The time to disable anonymous posting is when spam posts start coming in.

Anonymous said...

Hiking and swimming in PR sounds good to me! Hike up El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest Service system. For snorkeling/scuba go to the little islands of the east coast, Vieques and Culebra--beautiful!

David said...

I'm ok with eliminating anon posting. Restricting comments on the VO blog isn't even a close call, in the social justice sense. I'd rather put my free speech support, and my civil society promotional efforts elsewhere.

John Ellsworth said...

It's been really interesting reading the comments, here.

The great thing, Chris, is that you have this problem at all -- you have successfully attracted/built a community of participants/enthusiasts. Not an easy task, either for commercial entities or individuals. Congrats! I'm pretty happy with the traffic at my (mostly) cycling blog, but Ive had virtually no comments. And my employer has struggled to make online communities take off.

Anyway, you've got success, here, and my concern would be that in tweaking you'd end up breaking. These things are pretty fragile, and I suspect they suffer fools better than they suffer barriers to entry (non-anonymity) or what could be perceived as censorship.

Might want to ask folks who've come to the same juncture what they found worked and didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Delete comments that don't fit in the spirit of your blog. We the people have been a bit hard sometimes when typing away on our little keyboards without properly reflecting the reason why were here on your blog and other blogs.

Sadly, I think you should delete the comments that are not constructive nor fit the spirit of your blog.

I have resisted signing up for a gmail account as I already have enough accounts floating around on the web.

Sorry that you to bring up this subject, I look forward going to blog and reading up, please keep up the good work and enjoy the tropics!



Anonymous said...


As I see it, the comment section is a cooperative document on a certain subject. It's your site, though. Allow anonymous comments, then remove the ones that are abusive.

Do keep the ones that are simply critical, even if they hurt a bit.

I've been to PR a few times for work, and am becoming quite taken with the place. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think Chris probably has enough to do without taking on the role of daycare worker--it shouldn't really be his job to delete inappropriate comments; rather it is our respective responsibility as reasonable persons to not be jerks.
While this means I will have to learn how to get myself a user name, instead of just writing my name at the bottom of my 'anonymous' comment, I think that is probably worth it.
It is reasonable to expect your guests not to crap in your hot tub; it is likewise reasonable for Chris and Annette to expect a certain level of civility.
M Burdge

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with a signed name is my vote, but I suppose the main reason is that while I'm bike geek enough to get excited about the latest in fender hardware, I'm not computer geek enough to know how to become non-anonymous.

Nor do I read or speak French, so I'm purely guessing at most of the directions for commenting.

What are the options? I don't have a blog myself, I don't have a Google account, and I don't even know what Open ID means.

Help! I need Blog Commenting 101!

Rich Freeman

Ominotigre said...

As far as my experience goes, that's the way the internet has always been.
You probably notice it more now simply because your blog is increasingly more popular: increased traffic = increased population of jerks.
The best method for dealing with them is not to alter your behavior or site settings in the slightest, but to simply ignore them.
They can't cause trouble if you don't give them attention.

Anonymous said...

It's your blog to do with as you please. But this reply is to tell you that you won't have any more of my comments posted here if you block anonymous posts.
That is all from me.
Allan (I don't give my email address away for free) Pollock

Anonymous said...

I think once the weather warms up a bit the comments will become more constructive. It's just that time of year...

Anonymous said...

Can't all all just get along ?

Anonymous said...

I once read a guy who wrote about supermarket 'loyalty cards', and the reticence of people like me to give the stores my personal info. He pointed out that by nature the stores aren't very smart, and thus you can use this to your advantage. He used loyalty cards, but signed on as a 85 year old lesbian who buys a lot of cat food but has no pets, who owns a high-end Mercedes but lives on less than $12000 a year. Signing on to the great ol' Interweb doesn't mean you have to use your real name, or your real email address. In reality, I am Grant Petersen.
M Burdge
kidding about the GP bit

Raiyn said...

@ Anon 06/03/09 11:33
You don't need to have a gmail address. Under the OpenID there's provisions for LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, and AIM logins. Like I said, most everyone has an acceptable login.

Gunnar Berg said...

Anonyme 09:48 Your comment "as you grow and are able to sell your company to QBP ( you're gonna be rich)", assumes Chris isn't rich and will be the seller, not the buyer. Well maybe, maybe not. My real point is, I really don't have a good way of indentifying and responding to you, without your name on the posting. And also because of this, first names only are sometimes confusing when we get two "Toms" posting. Do I respond to good Tom, or bad Tom, or is he the same person with a multi-personality disorder?

Tom said...

if punk news dot org recommends a move to 'registered' commenters and found an improvement, that speaks volumes.

Moderating a blog takes more time than writing the content. Velo Orange is not of the size to actively mod a forum with the amount of anonymous posters we have, and there isn't much.

Behind this blog there are fallible human beings with feelings and emotions. That is sometimes lost on many in the age of the internet.

Josh Mitchell said...

As long as you allow the simple option of using your google / blogger or OpenID bit's I'm golden

Basically, limit the list to:

"Choisir une identité

I'd rather not have to manage yet one more set of logins / passwords.

Anonymous said...

I try to reserve my strongest language in venues where I'm not anonymous. Why? Because there the folks who know me, either as a persisting on-line presence or in real life have a better chance at knowing my rhetorical quirks. As for a rise on incivility on the internet, I think the filtered folks who start their positions as filtered internet tough guys either drive folks who just want to type away or are filtered trolling for impassioned responses. Done some of that, in a small way, myself.

The end result shall be more filtered subtle, possibly even filtered automated moderating systems of increasing sophistication.

Robert in San Diego

Anonymous said...

I believe that many people feel the web is a place where they can let go and not have to be responsible for what they say or do. Yes, we all want our right to free speech, but that doesn't mean we aren't RESPONSIBLE for what we say.

If having us all register in order to comment forces us to be more responsible in what we say and how we say it, then I'm all for it, and will gladly do so. Those who abuse the privilege can be blocked from future comments.

There is a price to pay for freedom ... and this would be a very small one.


Anonymous said...

Responsible ? what the heck are you talking about ? --

we are all a bunch of silly cyclists who like old looking new stuff or new looking old stuff.

Hopefully we like to ride, appreciate polite drivers, dream of cycling to work and would love to work around bike parts.

Responsible ? What the heck does that mean ?

Anonymous in Annapolis

Justin August said...

if punk news dot org recommends a move to 'registered' commenters and found an improvement, that speaks volumes.

Was the facetious? I hope not!

I was just sharing my experience, with a site that reaches around 300k people a day at least.

The problem isn't anonymous commenting itself. It's that anonymous commenting lends itself to be an easy exercise for one-offs. If you are coming here via some other link and see an opinion you don't agree with, it's easier to click "Anon" and fire off some inane babble than it is to fill out a form to register or pollute your blogger/Google/LJ/etc profile with the history of said inane babble. Making everyone have _some_ sort of registration keeps out the drive-by shots, basically.

On another topic, for those who are afraid of "data mining" - here's the news: you commented on this blog (owned by Google) via an IP. Google, if they are halfway intelligent (which they are), has already associated that IP with various searches that you've made and stored that information in a session or cookie on your machine. Once this happens, you might as well login - it gives at the least a consistent online "persona" that people can talk to.

Justin August said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin August said...

Also - anyway to get the comments interface to show up in a localized language? As fantastic as I think the french cycling theme is - I get confused.

Anonymous said...

I usually post anonymously, since my observations are often controversial. But I never write anything that is profane, vulgar, or in poor taste. Sadly, many people do abuse the freedom to write without signing. I hope you will not have to register entrants, but if that is necessary to maintain civility, I understand. Great bikeshop and blog.

Anonymous said...

I vote against censorship.

John Ellsworth said...

"we are all a bunch of silly cyclists who like old looking new stuff or new looking old stuff.

Hopefully we like to ride, appreciate polite drivers, dream of cycling to work and would love to work around bike parts."

That made my morning. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

what happened ? the blog is broken

Anonymous said...

Well, I must admit there are some times I'd like to drop a little zinger anonymously, but for the most part, I'm perfectly fine with standing behind any statement I make - doesn't mean I'm right, of course.

Anonymous said...

'censorship' doesn't mean having to log into a comments board for a blog about french-inspired bicycles. 'Censorship' means the cops raiding your house, or losing your job for speaking your mind or reading unauthorised materials; in the same way if I am at a campsite and I object to fellow campers rockin' the Nickleback at 2 in the morning while they do donuts in their F-250 am I 'against havin' a good time, man....'
A call to civility is only a problem if you are an uncivil person.

Raiyn said...

La tyrannie de l'horde anonyme doit finir très rapidement !

Anonymous said...

The blog is a worthwhile venture.
The comments are non productive in any sense.

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate the convenience of being able to comment without having to go through the trouble of registering. It's a shame that people abuse that priveledge. I hope you can edit out offending posts without having to put up barriers. But, if you decide to institute a registration, I'll still be here.

John B.

Anonymous said...

No doubt there's much negativity in the US now what with the housing and economic implosion. More people are at home with time on their hands. There are plenty of constructive anonymous posters on the internet forums. I don't like censorship, but sometimes you have to remove trash posts to maintain decorum. Negative viewpoints and criticism is just that, but trash posts are another animal altogether. How's it go? Garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


you hurt my feelings. you need to be more responsible for the things you say.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the anonymous and force a login. If you get rid of the convenient/lazy factor, you'll also get rid of rude commenters.

That's how Bikeforums.net does it - there are still rude commenters but it's rare (can only speak for the C&V section). In the end Tom, don't get caught up in the rude comments. There was an article in the post a while back that talked about this. It said, the majority of folks on a blog/forum will naturally weed out a bad poster. If the majority doesn't like or disagrees with you on something, of course that will play out as well. Bottom line, it essentially becomes self-controlling.


Tom said...

Don't get hung up on 'registering' your email for this site. It is not going to be switched to a forum or anything like that. It will be the same blog format we all know and love. You will have the option of signing with your Gmail address (or the address connected with your blogger account), or use your open ID handle, which most you have, even if you don't know it. Velo Orange has no access to your data.
By the time you have arrived at the VO blog, your info has been picked up by dozens of other websites anyway.

Anonymous said...


Please allow me to decide for myself what to get 'all hung up about"; and by allowing registered users- only- the ability to post you will be limiting some very pithy truths from being shared.

As a very wide man once said, " When you are right, you don't have to be polite" .

But alas, it is for you to decide as you are the business mind behind VO.

In the mean time, I will keep reading this blog ( which I hope does not turn into a self-congratulatory love fest) in hopes of learning the fine art of civil discourse.

Tom said...

Nothing has been decided upon. I am not the 'business side' of this business. That's all Chris. He gets to make the big decisions.

Anonymous said...

Too old,

How wide was this man, and why was he so arrogant?

Anonymous said...

Fat Larry of the Original Capital Bikes -- originally on West street, Annapolis--who was about 4 feet wide ( 84 inches around) he was arrogant because he was always correct.

Anonymous said...

I did not think you would have a snappy retort to my informed reply to your condescending question.

Unknown said...

Clever fellow:
You misquoted Tom. I don't know if you misunderstood him though.
But to me there is a difference between what he really said and what you quoted.

"[don't get] all hung up about" makes it sound like he's trying to tell you not to get upset, which also implies that you're being overly sensitive.

What he actually said was "don't get hung up on" which I took to mean "don't focus on".

Also, 84" around is really only just over 2 feet wide. ;)

I eagerly await your snappy, pithy retort.

Unknown said...

Wait. I just remembered Fat Larry was two dimensional.

Anonymous said...

Please explain your math.

As I reported him to be about 4 feet wide ( 48 inches) and 84" inches around is it not obvious to you that either I was looking at this from a 2D perspective or averaging his belt length with his overhanging gut ?

I did misquote the great business man, master mind Tom however but arguably you interpretation of his words is no better than mine. We must dig deeper.

Unknown said...

If we must, but hold on whilst I get my pick axe, miner's cap, and canary.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was started to get peoples feedback and ideas? You might not always agree with the ideas of customers, but I don't think you should censor the VO blog because you don't agree. I know some of the responses might sting a little bit, but hey that's life. I have noticed you removing posts from the blog you didn't like or agree with, thicken up your skin a little bit or maybe ask yourself this ( What would the French do?). What is the feedback you are looking for? A bunch of butt kissers, who agree with everything you say or do. Y.T. Rebil

keithwwalker said...

Hopefully blogger will come up with a rating system which lightens out any text if it gets a bad peer review. There are sites like Engadget that do this and it is effective.

Anonymous said...

Most of the "censorship" seem to be towards posts of racist/chauvinist inclination. Do they qualify as "feedback/ideas"?

But while I can respect this level of censorship, I don't really support it. I would prefer registration.

Tom said...


Is there anything we can add to this list?

Anonymous said...

Please, just require registration and end this ridiculous thread!!!!

Anonymous said...

Qu'est-ce que vous etes parlant a moi?

Anonymous said...

"When you are right, you don't have to be polite"

BS. As a counterpoint I present the case of Ignaz Semmelweis who might have saved many thousands of lives (to say nothing of avoiding his own sordid death in an asylum) if he had been more humble and persuasive in presenting his ideas.


"Nobody will listen to you if they despise you."

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


I guess it is best to assume most people are idiots. I maintain when one is correct, politeness is a waste of words and time. Besides it is so easy to lose patience with idiots.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

Maybe it could be set up so we all have to register as customers. We would then have a number next to our user names, just like eBay. A dollar spent equals a point, with adjustments for sale items and such, like an REI dividend. Then no one would have to deal with the occasional suggestion posted by some random passerby.

We would then have exactly the kind of refined feedback loop I recommend in my seminars, as it happens. Randomness and spontaneity are just disruptive. Don't believe me? Go look at Bike Snob's blog, if you have the stomach for it. He only deletes spam, and the place is just a horrid mess!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. vonStubenfield-Oxnard III:

tis pretentious people like you that give us landed gentry types a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Tis the bike snop of which you peak mrs vonStubenfieeld-Oxnard ? This is some pretty dangerous, random and spontaneous stuff completely devoid of the 'responsibility' of commentors for their comments.

It seems to me this lack of moderation can only lead to diverse opinions--the slippery slope that can lead only to anarchy.

Perhaps you and I are on the same wave length
( pedal at the same cadence)

Anonymous said...

OOPS. forgot the link I was asking about :

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

Indeed that is the house of horrors, Al. (I hope it is not presumptuous of me to call you Al. I feel I know you well already.) All manner of things go on there. Or, ah, so I am told.

Nothing like a gated community for keeping the riffraff out.

Velo Orange said...

After reading all this, I think we'll leave anonymous comments open for now see what happens. But I'll be more vigilant in deleteing comments that are impolite or just plain dumb. Though I may leave those that are both dumb and amusing, even if the commenter didn't intend them to be so, which is often the case.

Anonymous said...


we knew you were a well-bred and compassionate man

Patrick in Chicago said...

Make em leave a name. And I can't imagine a reason to be uncivil on the velo-orange blog!? For what purpose and about what?
Patrick in Chicago

Doohickie said...


Just sayin'.

;- )

Anonymous said...

How do you get the coupon codes that they ask for at checkout? Does Velo send out emails or mail that has coupon codes?