12 November, 2008

In Stock Again!

We Just got a big shipment of VO components and accessories that we've been having difficulty keeping in stock.

We have more VO Grand Cru seat posts. We have gotten so many e-mails asking when these will be available again!

VO handlebar water bottle cage mounts are back.

We have all sizes of VO bottom brackets back in stock.

VO stem adapters are also available again.

And VO Model 6 saddles in brown and black came in.

Plus we have new VO city bike saddles and a really beautiful new pedal. I'll post about those after taking some photos.


esaner.com said...

What is the latest ETA on stainless front randonneur racks?

Anonymous said...

Has the sagging issue been resolved on the saddles?

Velo Orange said...

Sagging has not been a problem on the models that we now have in stock. But we are still waiting for an improved version of the Model 2.

The stainless front Rando racks are still a ways off.

Anonymous said...

Received a VO Grand Cru bottom bracket last week - I'm very impressed with the quality - I'll be ordering more and see no reason to use anything else from now on - well done!

skvidal said...

I know it's unlikely, but would you ever consider making a 21.15mm quill stem->threadless model? I've run into a number of otherwise pleasant old schwinn le tours that are stuck with that size steerer tube.

Anonymous said...

going from 22.2 to 21.15 takes about 10 minutes with some emerycloth in a jacking off motion.

I kind you not, the verification name is testes.....

@realjanmaaso said...


You keep asking for suggestions for new products. Well, here is mine: a handlebar with Merckx-bend. They are now absolutely impossible to find, and are by far my favorite.

The bend is far more gradual than the Maes-bend, and they have a lot more drop.

If mounted with the drops at the same height as when using Maes-bars, the top of the handlebar end up far higher. With my Merckx-bar I tend to use all portions of the handlebar equally, with others I tend to favor either the tops or the drops.

I will waste no time placing my order if you make them available.

Tom said...

The VO saddlebag loops makes for a poor bottle opener. BUT....there is a bit of space under the tension adjusting bolt that does a fine job of opening chilled malted beverages.

Microbrew interface evaluator. It's a tough job, but someones gotta make sure our saddle is up to the task this morning.

Dad said...

Jan, are you talking about the Cinelli 66 bend, with deep drop and short reach (necessitating a longer stem than the Maes bend bars)? If so, I absolutely agree with you. There has never been a better shape.