02 September, 2008

Nice Bikes

Photos of a few nice bikes made their way into my e-mail this past weekend. I thought you might also enjoy them.

Tim sent photos of his stunning red new Davidson.

"Your decaleur is installed on my new "Davidson," ... I rode the bike home, almost 1500 miles. It works great." More photos can be found here."

Kris sent a few photos of his new/old city bike,
"This one is based on a Guerciotti, circa 1970-3, with unusually generous stay clearances and fender eyelets. It features a TA Bis 5 crank (a smaller inner ring is on order), Campagnolo Nuovo and Super Record derailleurs shifted by Simplex "loop" retrofriction shifters, MKS pedals, a JPR (?) seatpost, Brooks B-67 saddle, Campy Pista headset, Campy NR bottom bracket, Nitto Stem, your handlebars and grips, Honjo fenders; and the world's largest bell. The tires are the wonderful Vittoria sewups, although it's a shame they're in a green that clashes with the frame. I'll be using it for my short commute to work.It's comfortable and fun, but I may eventually trade out the bars for something with less rearward sweep and use them with a lower stem. I may also mount the shifters on the stem, as it's a long reach to their current setting...."

Finally, Grant sent photos of his Jack Taylor. I've always been a fan of the Taylor brothers work, particularly of their French influenced touring bikes.

Grant writes:
"Just wanted to show how your products have helped me complete my Jack Taylor project. I am very pleased with the results. I purchased the surface-rusted frame this last February, had CyclArt renovate the paint and logos, and braze on attachments for the front rack. I then collected parts from various sources including eBay, local bike shops, and VO.
This is a Tour of Britain model with 73 degree head angle and 2 5/8 (67mm)inches of fork rake resulting in low trail, so I think it will handle nicely with a VO handlebar bag when they become available. I believe I still prefer Honjo hammered fenders for their appearance, but many people have told me they love these VO satin finish ones, and am pleased with them also."
I was informed by a couple of folks that Norman Taylor has recently died.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim and Kris, I am the owner of
the Jack Taylor shown here, but
looking at both of your machines,
I have to think "So many bikes, so
little time." I'd be happy to add
either of yours to my collection.
Tim, how do you like those Tektro
cantilevers? I have a set, but have
not yet decided on which bike to install them on.
Preston Grant

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my ignorance, but who was Norman Taylor?

Anonymous said...

Of the three brothers, Jack, Ken,
and Norman Taylor, Norman was the one
who was the frame builder due to being the most talented at brazing.

Dad said...

The Davidson looks pretty amazing. You know, having a kickstand could be really handy. I have a double kickstand on my beater city bike, but a nicely installed one on a randonneur bike like this is not totally ridiculous either.

I think I'll ask nicely for a kickstand plate to be brazed onto my VO frame when they get to it.