15 July, 2008

VO Water Bottle Cages are Here

The VO retro water bottle cages are finally in stock. Getting these produced has been a big effort, but I really like the design.

As I wrote previously, These cage is based on an old TA design from the '40s or early '50 (see the original drawing at right). It is a regular one-handed cage; you put in the bottle just like on any other cage; but it holds the bottle very securely. The little tabs allow you to spread the cage for an oversize bottle. You can also squeeze the cage in for better fit with a metal water bottle.

The cages are made by hand from single length of solid 3mm stainless steel rod, then electro-polished. This first batch has some very minor alignment issues. It's nothing you would notice when the cage is on a bike, but if you examine it closely from all angles you'll see that it is, indeed, hand made.

There are two versions of our cage. The type 1 is based on the original while the type 2, on the left, has a hook. The type 2 may be preferred by those who often ride very bumpy roads

A cage based on this design is also made by Toei in Japan, but their cage costs $95 while ours costs $18.50. In all fairness, the Toei cage is a little nicer with slightly better polish and alignment.


Anonymous said...


When do you think the new saddles will be available?


Velo Orange said...

The saddles are very close. It now depends on how long it takes to clear customs, we hope to see them next week.

Karl said...

This isn't on the VO cages but is a bottle cage question.

I recently fit Nitto "T" cages to my bike and found that they hold the bottles (Siggs) rather loosely, unlike the King cages that were previously on the bike. In consequence, they rattle when going over bumps.

I also ended up with a pair of as-yet-unmounted Nitto "R" cages as a birthday present. Before I twiddle away with an Allen key, will they hold my VO 27oz bottles securely?

Come to think of it, I can test that without mounting them but does anyone have any ideas on how I can get a firmer grip with the Nitto "T"/Sigg combination, as they don't have loops like the new VO cages?

Unknown said...

Those cages look great!

Anonymous said...


How about dressing up your Sigg water bottles with some cool neoprene jackets? They would eliminate the rattling plus they would provide insulation--win/win.

Greg said...

Chris. Looks like another Velo-Orange order is in order. Any word on the angle adjustable smooth post canti brake blocks?

Karl. You could try squeezing the flaps of the R cage inwards so they are overlapping a bit. They would spread apart when you insert the bottle and should hold the bottle more securely. Not sure if the stainless would resist bending though. Another vote in favour of adding something to the outside of the bottle. I have a leather wrapped thermos that looks rather stylish and the leather cuts down on rattling. Of course Velo-Orange has a product for just that use.

bsk said...

Will these fit the larger sigg bottles? (the 1.0 liter ones, I think)

David said...

RE: the cages item listing in the VO web store.

By "right" did you mean "left"? I thought I was going crazy, but then I noticed that it's correct in the blog.

Velo Orange said...

Karl, The R cages are fine with SS bottles if you give them a little squeeze. They hold the bottles securely and they don't rattle.

Greg, Those brake shoes should be here in the next few days.

BSK, We don't sell or use Sigg bottles so I don't know. I used to have some, but they dent too easily.

David, Right.

Anonymous said...

Yes while drink if very fine, what about my Gauloises? I need a cigarette cage. And a handlebar mounted pouch for a baguette.

Steve said...

serge said:

es while drink if very fine, what about my Gauloises? I need a cigarette cage. And a handlebar mounted pouch for a baguette.

Skip the cigs. You know they're bad for you.

As for baguettes, I've usually stuck them under the flap of a Carradice, but the last time, I was on a bike with a Nashbar Elite handlebar bag and no rear bag, so I stuck it in the map pocket. Thought about putting it down the front of my jersey, but it was blazing hot out of the oven, too hot to touch.

Karl said...


Gitanes ciggies, surely? At least choose a bicycling name.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these dead french celebrities keep commenting on this blog and no one notices.

Anonymous said...

Is the second run of cages going to improve the minor alignment issues?

Unknown said...

I bought myself a retro cage for yule and it's gorgeous! I put it on my black and silver fixed gear with poofy 32mm Paselas--and the cage just pops it all together. Without the cage it looked like a fixie with big tires--with the cage it looks retro. Amazing what a little accessory can do.

As a functional object, it's great, grips a little better than a standard cage--which notice when I do a little fire roading on the fixie.

Did I mention that it's just gorgeous and great to stare at? $20 for a little work of art! What a deal. :-D