02 June, 2008

Le Cirque du Cyclisme and Racks

For anyone interested in classic bikes, the premier event in the US is Le Cirque du Cyclisme. It's a bike show, charity auction, swap meet, and party all rolled into one weekend. This year it's in Leesburg, VA, a very pleasant town with a lot of good riding nearby and only about 30 miles from Washington DC. Being about halfway down the east coast many folks can drive there. For those of you who want to fly, Washington's Dulles airport is only 12 miles away. More info and photos are here.

Also, we have portuer racks again as well as the new rails! And we have some stainless steel rear constuctuer rack "seconds" at a discount price


Michael S said...

What bikes will VO have at the show?

Chris Kulczycki said...

We'll have two Randos, a Gentleman's city bike, two Follis tandems, and (if it fits in the van) a multipurpose prototype.

Anonymous said...

the link to the modolo bars in the post below is broken--keps putting me to the Yahoo! store page

lamplightsg said...

I'd love to go to the show, but I won't be able to. Just not enough vacation time to do all the things I'd like! By the way, the rails for the porteur rack look great, and are a very good idea.