29 May, 2008

We're Moving

I'm a bit behind on posting. It's been busy here, bordering on totally crazy. So we're hiring a couple of more folks and moving to a bigger shop.

The spaces pictured at right will house VO and VO Imports. It's still within a mile or so of downtown Annapolis, but now we have plenty of parking and storage. We'll move at about the end of Summer.

You'll notice that this is an exceedingly elegant structure in the early penitentiary style. The landscaping seen in this photograph might be described as minimal, however we have a large yard in back. It is done in the style of an un-raked Zen garden with rusty machinery and oil drums evoking mountains and islands. Perhaps we should add a koi pond?

Interestingly, the other end of building houses my old company, Chesapeake Light Craft.

Also, we got another, and probably our last, shipment of the very interesting Modolo Grand Fondo Handlebars.


David said...

Dude, that is like the funniest thing I have read in weeks.

Chris said...

I thought that building looked familiar--I recognized the blade of grass. I don't make it to Annapolis that often anymore, but it will be great to accomplish single stop kayak and velo shopping.

But be careful: If your next endeavor turns out to be high end stringed instruments, and that business gets established in the same area, my kids will no doubt realize your plans to separate them from any inheritance.

jimmythefly said...

Can we look forward to some new VO staff uniforms?

Anonymous said...

May I suggest an oil puddle as a more appropriate and less expensive alternative to the koi pond?

patrick said...

you picked the right week to get into the practical cycling business. congrats on the expansion and good luck with your move.