13 May, 2008

In Stock, Low Down Type 2

This is just a quick note to let those of you who have been waiting for the Type-2 Low Down light mount that they have arrived. These are hot off the lathe and allow you to mount a dynamo light to your front wheel skewer. You can also mount them on the light eyelets of VO racks. The Type-1 , for battery light has been selling well and gotten good reviews from those who have tried it.

We also have some nice new chrome Japanese round spoke wrenches for a great price.

And we have 8 speed KMC chains in stock Again. I don't know why there was a run on them and we kept selling out. They are very good chains, but still?


Felkerino said...

Hi Chris,

can you tell us the length and differences between the Type 1 and 2?

I ask because some lights like the Cateye EL-530 need a minimum amount of room next to the fork blade.

It appears the Type 2 is of a smaller diameter and not suitable for Cateye mounts?

Ed Felker

Chris Kulczycki said...

Ed, The Type 2 is made for lights that have a 5 or 6mm mounting hole that's horizontal, like a B&M light. It won't work for a handlebar clamp type of light; the Type 1 works with those.

Michael said...

Hi Ed,

if you ever want to ride out to Velo Orange (with MG of course) let me know...it would have to be during th wekk of course. I ride there every so often and bug Chris and his wife as I buy stuff. The route from DC is a 100 miles or so: and fairly nice for all the urban terrian: DC to BWI via the well known route; down the path to Annapolis and then there are couple of variations on the route back to DC. Next week the Blue Angels fly over Annapolis during midweek for Naval Graduation on Tues/Wed: that's when I'll be making my next trip to VO!...

By the way, I bumped into and talked with MG last week while riding in DC near the fish market in SW. And for those who want to see what the celebrity cyclist MG looks like check out Ed's Blog, The Daily Randonneur! Hey Ed, is that young girl your daughter in those fancy white bike shoes at Eastern Market??...she kinda looks like you...

Best regards,

Felkerino said...

Chris, thanks for the update. If you can let us know the length of the Type 1, that would be helpful info.

Michael: We need to get a ride together to VO sometime, if only to visit and then eat Thai food down the street. That is my daughter in the TDR photo. She was thrilled to get out of the ugly SixSixOne black and grey BMX cycling shoes. Those Shimanos look good on her.


Anonymous said...

The Type 1 mounts are 1.5 inches long. Please remember that this length comes into play at the mounting area of the light. The lens area of the light is typically larger and you have much more room there because it will be in front of your fork. I have used an EL-500 (same general size as an EL-530) with no problems at all.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear comments from anyone who has mounted their light as shown in the photo - low right.

I would think the shadow cast by the front wheel, off to the left, would be a significant downside to this location (unless you live in the UK perhaps)

Felkerino said...

Steve, thanks for the info. I ask because the large fork blades on my tandem kept me from using a Cateye EL-530 (and -500, I have both) with the Nitto skewer mount. On my single bikes with narrower blades, it sets up well.

The light casts a shadow, and I use it on the left side of the fork. It lengthes and narrows the Cateye light. The placement is a good one for lights like Cateyes that are not super-bright. My high power Dinotte 200L stays on the handlebars.

Jay said...


I would be interested in KMC X10 chains, and I can't seem to find them online outside the UK. I'm running Campy 10s, and I'm looking for a cheaper, more durable chain option.

Any interest in stocking some of these?

elvisVelo said...

Regarding the location of the light on the right side of the hub, can the hub be run "backwards" and the light placed on the left side of the front hub?

Michael S said...

Check with Peter White's site, but I'm pretty sure the newer Schmidt hubs shouldn't be run backward, even though they may be fine.

elvisVelo said...

Re: Michael S. comment on dynohub:

That was a good recommendation, thank you. Peter White, who I think is the importer, says to not run the newer models backwards. Rats.