08 March, 2008


I'm off to Taiwan tomorrow and return on the 18th. VO will remain open and orders will continue to ship without delay, but no one will be here to answer technical questions.

I'll be meeting with many Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers. And with a bit of luck, we'll place orders for some neat components and accessories previously unseen on this side of the Pacific.

I am also hoping to do a bit of hiking in the beautiful Taiwanese mountains, visit the National Museum, which has the finest collection of Chinese art in the world, and soak in at least one hot spring.

BTW, have a look at the photos in the update to the previous post.


franklyn said...

Have fun in Taiwan! An interesting time to be there as the island will be holding a highly important presidential election on the 22nd. I wish I can be back to vote!

Michael S said...

Bring us back fillet-brazed stems from Nitto, please!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy the National Museum, it's incredible.