27 March, 2008

Spanninga/JOS Lights and Dynamos

We just received our first shipment of Spanninga/JOS lights and dynamos. As you may know, JOS was the legendary French lighting company who made lights for the finest European rando, city, and touring bikes. They were eventually bought by Spanninga, a Dutch lighting manufacturer. If you've ever been to Amsterdam, you know that the Dutch are expert at city bikes and accessories so, naturally, Spanninga lights are among the best in Europe.

The items we now have in stock include battery and dynamo powered fender-mounted taillights, a great complete light set called the "SAFE Set", high efficiency dynamos, headlights, and a large rack mounted tail light for ultimate visibility.

It's been a super busy week, so it may take a few days to get every light into the store. In the meantime please have a look at the Spanninga site and feel free to suggest any products you'd like to see in our next shipment.

Bike store owners please note that Spanninga/JOS products are available through VO Imports.


Anonymous said...

The Spanninga lights look very good. The box for the complete dynamo set says it has a 4 min. "standlight" feature. Does this set also have a voltage regulator so you don't burn out the bulb from going too fast?

Anonymous said...

The Spanninga RetroLED headlight
shown on their website really appeals to me. It has a good retro look, and would look great mounted either on a front fender or front rack. I
have an old headlight that I might
be able to convert to LED, but this Spanninga would save me the trouble.
Maybe you could get some RetroLEDs
in your next order.
Earlier this month I was in
several European cities, and was
impressed with the lighting systems
I saw on most bikes, especially in
Verona most city bikes had integrated rack, fender, lighting
systems--battery and dynamo. Good
work, Chris, for bringing some of
these to the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Amazing timing. I was just looking for a place to purchase the Spanninga fender light.

Anonymous said...


You da man! Again!

Andrew F said...

Speaking of lights, a nice idea for a repro may be these JOS taillights. Alex March has one on the bay at the moment, up to almost $600:


2whls3spds said...

Chris...you da man...there goes another paycheck to Velo-Orange ;-)

I also second the request for the Spanngia RetroLED


Velo Orange said...

I think all dynamos have regulators now.

I'm already working on getting the Retroled.

We are also working on getting some just-introduced retro bullet-shaped LED dynamo headlights from Japan and maybe some taillights that have a solar cell and recharge themselves!

Anonymous said...

CK, from the dynamo description in the Spanninga website: "The new dynamic and generous designed VESTA is available in right or left hand fitting, and also in a version with voltage security"

So it comes with or without the voltage regulator. Which do you have in stock?

Unknown said...

Rack mounted tail light. Arcus or Eclipse. Both look perfect.

Anonymous said...

i make every effort to reduce my speed while cycling in the dark. in fact, i recommend this. period.
my biggest problem is which bike to mount the safe set on. i have several choices. thanks chris, good work...

Anonymous said...

While making every effort to reduce your speed in the dark may be a good idea, sometimes it's hard to tell your actual speed. Yo cannot rely on your "feel" for speed, and in the dark it's usually impossible to read your cycle computer. You may be overloading the bulbs without realizing it.