27 February, 2008

Danger! Danger!

I just got a disturbing e-mail from a customer. The attachment screws for his front rack loosened while he has riding and the rack, and load, tilted forward and hit the ground in front of the front wheel. He and his bike are unhurt.

This is not the first time I've heard of the screws on a rack loosening while riding. It even happened to me once. That's why we include lock washers with VO racks. Use them! Really tighten the screws with a long Allan wrench. And re-tighten them once in a while. A little Locktite would be a good idea as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of nylock nuts myself, I've NEVER had a problem with one of them working itself loose. Combined WITH a lock washer, I'm sure it would be darned impossible.

People come in the shop every once and a while that want to remove their racks/fenders and live without simply because of the rattle issue. I install some nylock nuts and they ride away happy.

C said...

I agree on nylock nuts. It I was mounting a front rack that was the sole source of support for a load (no decaleur) I would use extra long bolts, run the bolt through the eyelet on the fork, and secure it with a nylock. It's 4-5 grams of added peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Blue loctite 242 is a must with a front rack install because of the likelihood of a very serious accident without it.

Ari said...

Button Scews from the inside out and then nylock nuts with blue locktite.
Riders should check their bikes for components that come loose.
Your bike, your resposibility,

nordic_68 said...

You might want to read the warnings on the Loctite tube. From what I recall, it's likely to react with nylon and thus not a good idea to combine with nylock nuts. It's either one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Lock washers are useless. The SAE has published articles about that. They recommend either fasteners with nylon inserts (you can get bolts and machine screws with a nylon insert as well as nylock nuts) or thread locking compound, AKA locktite.