10 January, 2008

New Item Photos

Here are some photos of a few new products.

Our new 45mm Velo Orange pre-drilled and anodized fenders have a lovely light silver satin finish, like that on some Sugino cranks. All the holes are drilled and the fork crown bracket is attached, so they are very easy to install.

We also now have 52mm smooth fenders for 700c bikes.

The second photo shows our new leather bar tape which is available in honey and in black. With Brooks bar tape selling for about $70, you'll be happy to hear that the VO version is only $40.

The TA Tevano cranks I wrote about a few post down arrived.

TA finally sent our pedals and we know have plenty in stock, but don't delay ordering them. The next shipment will be considerably more expensive.

We also have some new soft brown rubber grips. I liked the shape and color of these and they are very comfortable. They might look just right on an all-weather city bike.


Chris said...

I haven't yet considered leather bar tape, but might at this price. I'd hope to get several seasons out of it. I know it's new, but any conjectures as to durability? Would you recommend shellac, either for wear or aesthetics?

Chris J.

Doug said...

Hey Chris.

I have been thinking about fenders for an upcoming Ira Ryan build. I am torn between the V-O fenders which seem nice enough and are a bargain and the long Honjos, which are great and available hammered but 2x as much. Am I correct in thinking that the new ano'ed, pre-drilled V-Os are not suited to a bike with braze-ons for all fender mounting points? Will there ever be an undrilled version of this fender?

Thanks, Doug

Lesli L said...

What sort of grip or tape do you recommend for use with the Belleri porteur bars. It doesn't look like they'll take normal width grips. I tried the Brooks version without success.... Maybe this new leather tape would be a good option...

Jim G said...

I want to get a set of VO fenders for my 700c frame...I'd love a set of the 49mm fluted fenders but am wondering if I should get the 45mm smooth style instead, how do I know which width will fit? FWIW, this frame will (just barely) fit a 40mm tire between the chainstays.

Anonymous said...

Can the honey tape be painted to look like yellow Tressostar?

James said...

The brown grips are a good idea. Aside from one model of Ritchey grips I haven't come across anything that doesn't look like shit and those Brooks grips are a joke. Can you get those in black? How long are they?

How about a tube of comfy rubber material that could be cut into longer lengths and covered with cloth? Most grips are shorter than they need to be and if you are using handlebars with a long straight section (like the rivendell north road) why not have longer grips to match?

nv said...

Those brown grips are cool. FYI, the BLACK cork grips from QBP (Dimension branded) are the BEST! They are a cork/synth mix but they are much more comfy and much more forgiving to install than the natural cork grips. They have a bit of give so they can be installed over brake/shifter cables. Plus they don't show wear/dirt. They are inexpensive and light to boot! And good looking... The best!

nv said...

I just checked the store and see you are selling the grips I was raving about - kudos!

BSR said...

I can't find the new leather bar tape anywhere on the store -- even checked the new items page. Is it already sold out?

Chris Kulczycki said...

Doug, I don't know about an un-drilled version. This place is filling up with fenders.

Lesli, The porteur bars are the same diameter as road bars. I like leather covers on them, see the city bike in the store. But many rubber grips can be stretched to fit. Originally, the French used several wraps of cloth tape on them; that looks great.

Jim, Scroll down the posts for the one about how to measure your bike for fenders.

The grips are about 130mm in length and only come in brown.

The leather bar tape is now in the store and linked from the post.

Anonymous said...


Do you think you will have VO fenders
in 650A/B size?

David L
Eugene, OR

Anonymous said...

I have the Brooks Honey tape. It's awful, and this is from somebody who rides nothing but Brooks saddles. The tape's dye runs as soon as you put a finger on it. Let's hope VO's tape doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to understand how a rear fender could be pre-drilled to fit a variety of bikes. Doesn't the distance between chainstay bridge to seatstay bridge vary, based on frame geometry and size?

Anonymous said...

I assume that where the VO fenders are drilled would be determined in the same way most generic fenders are--according to what would be appropriate for an average-sized bicycle.

Chris Kulczycki said...

The fenders can be pre-drilled because they use a sliding bridge. Thus no hole is required at the seat stay bridge.

We should hear about those missing 650b fenders this week.