22 January, 2008

Ciclovia and "StreetFilms"

Ciclovia is a program in Bogotá, Columbia to open the city's streets to bicycles and other recreational uses. If you've followed Bogota's recent history, you know that this city that was once known mostly for it's role in the drug trade has undergone a remarkable transformation into a progressive and eco-friendly modern city. It has one of the most extensive and comprehensive network of bike paths of any city in the world.

The film below is a heart-warming production from StreetFilms, a small video production house with a wonderful body of work concerning urban transport, bike use, and other issues that concern us all. Ciclovia, both the idea and the video, will certainly put a smile on your face and make you wonder why we in the US don't have such innovative and simple urban ideas.

If you're interested in watching other bike related videos, you might check out:
Physically Separated Bike Lanes, How to use a Bike Box, and Berkeley Bike Boulevards. The StreetFilms site also links to: A Great Bicycling Video from Copenhagen and at least a dozen other short films worth watching.

If you find other must-watch stuff on the site please leave a comment.


Perry said...

I'm a huge fan of StreetFilms.org. If your Internet connection is slow, you can see most of the films at youtube as well. The films have gotten me very interested in understanding more about streets and transportation and I just ordered the DVD "Contested Streets."

Anonymous said...

Should be required learning center for all DOT employees and political leaders.

lamplightsg said...

A very fine idea by what I understand to be a very bike-friendly city. Hopefully the idea will continue to spread.

Anonymous said...

i knew about street films, but thanks anyway for the heads up! good ol Velo orange, the bicycling and smart growth advocate!

yankee_dollar said...

The transport infrastructure is almost certainly more important than the cycling equipment one uses-but that usually is lost on sports oriented North Americans