04 December, 2007

Nice Bikes

A few customers have sent photos of their bikes in the past week and they are rather nice. So I thought I'd post them for your enjoyment.


David sent some shots of his stunning 1959 Carlton three speed. This is a particularly well designed and practical machine. Check out the rest of the photos at this link.

Robert sense of style really shown in his elegant and understated black and chrome Revelo. His blog has more photos and a full description.

Mac sent a link to his very nicely equipped Surly LHT. One doesn't need rare or old bikes to have an elegant ride.


Anonymous said...

The Surly is nice, but it's yet another example where the background scenery is what makes the photo.

Unknown said...

They are all nice. The Carlton is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I thought Surly frames came with decals?

Anonymous said...

surlys come with stickers--without too much effort, they are easy to remove. I took some of them off my Cross Check, as I found it looked a bit busy. If I change my mind, Surly sells replacement stickers.

Anonymous said...

I met the owner of that LHT in Richmond. I was up from Colonial Heights on my CC and he approached to comment on mine. I could only check out his.

Sounds a little weird doesn't it?

mpetry912 said...

That yellow carlton is really cool. David has hopped it up in a very tasteful manner, preserving the spirit of the old. I like it. However it looks like he's got a bike shop in his kitchen!

I agree with the comment about the background makes the picture. I've seen enough pics of bikes leaned against garage doors. Bikes are a vehicle to an adventure - let's see them in their natural environment.

Here's one of mine on Cyclofiend


Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, WA

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The Surly has best tape job of a flatbar+bar ends I've ever seen. The bike snob in me wants those powergrips on the Carlton gone, or at least replaced with leather. The rest is spot-on, well done!

Anonymous said...

Well, the bike snob in you should get over itself.

Or at least go back to the '80s when snearing at powergrips was cool. At the NAHBS, a number of the better bikes had powergrips.

Powergrips are perfect for urban riding. They fit wonderfully with that bike.