08 February, 2007

A Few New Items

A few new items have been trickling in.

We have the very nice Tange Levin 1500 alloy NJS headsets. So you can use the same headset as the Keirin pros. These resemble the old Campy headsets and are very well made.

The Velox rubber generator caps I promised to get have arrived. Sorry that getting the lighting and generator section has been taking so long. It turns out that our supplier forgot to ship two of our orders.

The MKS Wide Custom Neuvo pedals have arrived. They are not cheap, but they are beautifully made. This is the same pedal that's used on the Keirin circuit, just with a wider cage. It's real boon for those of us who want to play Keirin racer, but are built more like Sumo wrestlers. My size 46 wide feet sure love them.

I also found a great deal on some Elite aluminum water bottle cages. I'm not a big fan of aluminum cages, but these seem sturdier than most and they are cheap.


Anonymous said...

whatsa njs tange headset weigh?

neil m berg said...

I have to say that the weight of a headset is not a factor. I realise that weight is a big sales issue, but unless it's extreme, on flat ground you can't tell what a bike weighs as you ride it.

Chris Kulczycki said...

The headsets weigh 102gm on my digital scale.

Anonymous said...

I never claimed that the weight meant a hoot - though I can see how my question implies that I care. I'm just a curious feller.
Thanks for the numbers, Chris.

Joel said...

Is the headset 1" or 1 1/8"?

Chris Kulczycki said...

It's 1" of course. What sort of outfit do you think we're runnin' here ;<)