20 February, 2007

CT Custom Chainring Shop Closing

Imagine that the teeth on you Rene Herse chainrings are wearing out. You could wait a few years for a set to come up on E-bay, and probably pay more than a VO frame costs, or you could have a set made by a small Japanese company named CT ("CT" stands for Cycle Tourist's. ) The rings, at $65 to $85 apiece, run a small fraction of the cost of originals. CT will even make RH-style rings to fit TA 3-pin or Shimano cranks in case you are not blessed, as I am not, with a RH crankset.

CT also makes rings in patterns for Simplex, Stronglight, CYCLO, Rene Herse, ZEUS, TA, Campagnolo, and most any other crank you can imagine.

This morning Boggy-san from Japan kindly e-mailed to tell us that Mr. Kohiyama, CT's owner, has decided to close-up his chain ring operation and sell off his machinery, though his bike shop will remain open. It is a great shame to learn of another small specialty bike manufacturing operation going out of business.

Boggy-san tells me that CT rings are very accurately machined and very hard. Mr. Kohiyama will accept orders until the end of March. So hurry and stock up on rings for all your priceless cranks.

Please visit CT's site for some great photos of obscure and rare chainrings.


joel said...

Sad news indeed.

Sounds as though Japan is going through the same business cycle as we are.

As craftspeople grow older and want to retire, they just don't have anyone with the necessary skill and ability who wants to apprentice for a job that will never make anyone rich.

The lure of tech and finance jobs are really hurting the crafts.

Carey said...


Have you given any thought to approaching Paul's Components about making a modern version of the TA Cyclo-tourist? His current single speed road crank looks like it has the makings of fine CT crank--small bcd that would allow a wide range double set up like a 48/30. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Buy the machinery and start making VO CT rings.

neilmberg(at)yahoo.com said...

While I don't necessarily share your love of Herse rings, I hate to see any of the small speciality companies slip away.

david_nj said...

That's one fine looking crankset. I'm not particularly up to speed on the aesthetics of all the various models of cranks, but that one just plain works, for my eyeballs at least.

Is it true that the three loops in a RH 'ring are designed to allow for the removal of the rings without removal of the right-hand pedal?

Brian Loring said...

This makes me very sad, indeed.

assemblylinecollective said...

Chris- Do you have an email. The site won't display properly in my browser, and I'm looking for someone who can make a 1/8 track single chainwheel to fit TA 5 pin cranks. Thanks.

assemblylinecollective said...
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Chris Kulczycki said...

I think the e-mail address is:


Here is the e-mail form on the site:

It reads, from the top, "name", "e-mail address", and "message". The send button is at lower left and the reset button is next to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info chris.


keithwwalker said...

I was on the CT site and they make reference to work transferring (or existing orders being completed) by 2525☆ Atelier.

Can anyone decipher the true text? I can only google translate....

Here is the quote from the news section of CT from 4-12-2007:

"2525* Atelier start. Business such as the chain ring production of former CT'[DE] is contracted. It does also overseas dispatch. By all means utilization. "

"It continues at the 2525☆ atelier and does chain ring production, but it points this and hits, it would like to tighten with the time where production of the amount which it receives an order with CT' ends in general. We ask may. "

I wonder if they will take continue production, or just fill the existing orders?

Here is the direct link:

Keith Walker