04 January, 2007

More Bike Photos

This idea to post bike photos seems to have caught on. I'm receiving a lot of them and will post them as I have time. I'll try to select the most interesting and original bikes when there are too many. Here are a few more:

Bob Rogens Mariposa is a masterpiece by one of the best constructeurs working today, Mike Barry. There is a wonderful series of photos of the bike here. Click on the photo to go to the next image.

Neil Berg sent another set of photos, this time of his Heron. Neil is a great at styling a bike to bring out it's best. He writes:

"After seeing the really fantastic bicycles you have posted I'm almost reluctant to submit this. I only do because it is done somewhat in your philosophy; 'cept it ain't French.

70s standard reach Modolo Pros, Honjo hammered fenders, Campy Rally rear, Campy SR front, Suntour barcons, TA crankset, VO rear rack, Riv lugged stem, Campy Nouvo Tippo hubs, Mavic rims (whatever Open Pros were called before...)
This is literally the last first generation 531 Heron built before they went out of business. I also have small Berthoud panniers, and a watercolor set and block that mounts to the rack. A picnicker. A wine bottle will fit the Nitto bottle racks perfectly."

Monsieur Miton, who's fine randonneuse was featured yesterday, sent a number of photos that are well worth studying. I've posted them as an album on Photo Bucket to save bandwidth. Here is the link. The red Singer is gorgeous.

Patrick sent a link to a neat collection of photos showing the process of building up his Kogswell


Andy said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, Thank you very much for your wonderful work and your personal investissement. Your blug is really interesant and people can see now all bikes of all over the world.
Thank you and we'll soon meet again.
Thierry MITON

Perry said...

I've been following your wonderful posts and pics on this blog since you started posting. Thanks for linking to Bob Rogen's Mariposa. Bob's bikes are really well done, impeccably appointed, and always a pleasure to look at.

Joel said...


Your bikes are tres belle. Thank you for sharing with us.

neil m berg said...

I've really enjoyed looking at Thierry's beautiful bikes. The French bikes are wonderful, kind of exotic, even to the point of being a little intimidating. Of course it has struck me that for someone like Thierry, Singers and Herses are or were local builders. My local builders are from Minesota and Wisconsin. Doesn't have the same panache does it?

Joel said...

Neil and Thierry:

What I find incredible about the Singer is how perfectly detailed it is.

Chrome is vulnerable to excess. Singer has used just the right amount of chrome to paint. Looking at the bike is almost like looking at a fine watch.

david_nj said...

Where can one get those really high quality bottom bracket generators, such as are used on the Singer? I have one of those Schmidt things, and it's efficient and all, but I don't particularly like it.

karl said...

Bonjour Chris,

je me suis Karl.

I was the fortunate recipent last weekend of a new Mariposa (randonneuse?), which both looks and rides like a dream. I will post pics once I buy a new memory card for my camera.

I have been lusting after your elk-hide handlebar covers but have what might be a dumb question. I use Campy Ergo levers on both my Mariposa and Kogswell and am trying to figure out how one would wrap the leather over the metal loops that secure the levers to the bar.

I could see how it would work if the seam were sewn shut under the hood where the metal loops connect to the lever but that's not how any of your pics appear on your blog or shop.

How is it done?