26 October, 2006

Var Tools

VAR of France was the very first manufacturer of bicycle specific tools. They still produce some 250 bike tools, most of them for professional mechanics. We're slowly adding a selection of VAR tools to our store.

I was very pleased to find some of the old VAR #64 tool kits. These are a great kits for travel or for the home shop. They includes 2 cone wrenches, a pedal wrench, a chain rivet extractor, 3 real steel tire irons, a genuine French shop rag, a screwdriver, and a multi sized "dumbell" wrench. They are old fashioned enough to include the sorts of tools needed for working on a classic bike, tools modern tool kits often lack. And at $24 they are a real deal, but we don't have many.

There is something very elegant and old world about the VAR circular spoke wrench. It's chromed steel and fits 13, 14, and 15 gauge spokes. $9.75.

Finally the VAR bike stand is a step up from the economy two-legged we sell. I've used and liked this stand for a while now and wasn't sure I could get more. $24.


Tom said...

I can't see it in the VAR catalogue, but is there a special wrench/spanner/key for getting the caps off the excellent TA touring pedals?

I have recently bought a pair in the UK - they are hard to get here. The bearings on one pedal need adjusting, and I can't see an easy way to get the cap off without damaging it (using an adjustable wrench or similar).

Any thoughts gratefully received. Keep up the good work!

Chris Kulczycki said...

I'll try to get some of those TA wrenches. I use a pair of pin pliers with interchangable tips. You can find them at auto supply stores.

neil m berg said...

Park Tool also has pin spanners. Their SPA-2 fits the dust caps on older TA cranks and maybe the pedals too?

david_nj said...

I just use Vise-Grips and squeeze judiciously. It's funny you say that tom, i've owned two pairs of those pedals and in each pair was bearing needed adjusting. Actually, more like, it was so loose that a pedal essentially fell off its spindle while riding.

I dunno. Those cheapo MKS Sylvan pedals seem every bit as good as the TA ones, they honestly do. I know everyone is like dude, TAs are the _ne plus ultra_ of pedaldom, but I just don't see it.