31 October, 2006

The Quicker Pro from Sweden

Though most of us use full sized frame pumps, there are some disadvantages to them. It's hard to carry your bike with a pump under the top tube. You must take the pump with you when leaving the bike in a less than safe area. And you can't hang you bike on a horizontal rack. Mini pumps would seem to be the obvious solution, but most of them simply don't work. And those that do require several hundred strokes to reach 80-100psi.

So I was very interested when a reader (thanks Peter) sent me a copy of Velo News' recent pump test showing the Swedish Quicker Pro to be the hands down winner. In that test it reached 100psi in 100 strokes while the next best pump took 200 and the other 18 models required 300-500 strokes. It also pumped enough volume to work well with mountain bike tires. So this is a mini-pump that compares favorably even to full sized pumps. At $31 it's not cheap, but it appears to be very well made, it will fit in a Velo Orange saddle bag or jersey pocket, and it actually works well.

The following is condensed from Quicker's description:

Everyone who has tried to inflate 5 bars of pressure or more with a mini-pump, knows that it is in most cases even impossible! Quicker Pro has a pump design called Multi-Chamber Double Action. Unlike all other hand pumps on the market, Quicker Pro produces a constant airflow! Meaning that Quicker Pro generate the same air-volume per stroke independently what pressure you have in the tyre! So if you, for example pump, from 2-3 bars or from 9-10 bars the number of strokes will be the same!

The pressure can be read at the integrated pressure gauge, which is cleverly placed in the front cylinder of the pump. Quicker Pro is very popular among road bikers since they require very high pressure in the tyres.

Quicker Pro features a valve lock that fixes the pump to the valve and prevents leakage. The valve/nipple seal can easily be unscrewed and in order to change the valve just turn the inner parts.

An important factor when it comes to pumping, is how much arm power you need to use!
The force used when inflating with Quicker Pro is by 7 bars only 5 kilos/11 lb.!
Compare this with a conventional pump which requires 17-20 kilos /37-44 lb.!

A clip is included in case you would like to attach the Quicker Pro to your bike.

Length: 180 mm
Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: 160 grams
Capacity: 105 cm3/stroke
Maximum pressure: Guaranteed to 11 bars / 154 PSI


patrick said...

hi chris

I had the "need to take my pump with me" problem. A few years ago I found an NOS 70s era zefal frame pump, which I liked a lot, but since I removed it from my bike at every stop, most of the time it was sticking out of my backpack like a very skinny aluminum baguette.

i have found the Topeak "harpoon" pump to be a powerful and dependable mini-pump. Like the Quicker Pro it telescopes for extra air-chamber length. The strange-looking grip is actually quite effective.


the Quicker certainly looks nicer though.

Anonymous said...

Looks good - I just ordered one. I gave up on mini-pumps a couple of years ago, but this one looks promising.