03 October, 2006

Longer And Better Straps

Track racers use laminated leather toe clip straps because they are stronger, stretch less, and last a long time. Being wider, they are also more comfortable.

We now stock MKS Fit-A straps. They are NJS approved for professional Kerin racers. The buckle is stainless steel so it won't rust and it's held in place with two rivets so it won't pull off; I can't think of any other single strap that uses two rivets. There is a pad under the buckle to protect your feet and the finish is a soft suede so as not to mar the gloss on you classic leather shoes.

But best of all, they are about 450 mm long overall. ALE Christophe, and most other straps are only around 400mm long. They are not cheap, but longevity, performance, quality, and comfort make them worth the cost.


Alan said...

YEAH! I'm starting the list for my next order.

Neil m berg said...

I looked at my Toshi straps last night. Two rivets, though they in linear rather than side by side.