10 December, 2010

Integrated Decaleur Racks

I've been using racks with integrated decaleurs on two of my own bikes for a couple of years and absolutely love them. They make a solid and rattle-free system that perfects the whole handlebar bag experience. I have two bags, a VO Campagne bag and a huge Japanese Alps handlebar bag. Each has a decaleur attachment installed so switching bags is as simple as lifting one off and dropping the other in place. I've also used the system with a basket for farmer's market trips. If I don't need to use a bag, I simply slide the U-shaped piece into place and have a regular front rack.

 Of all the products we've developed, this is among those I'm most proud of. Not only does it clean up and simplify bag mounting, but it's much cleaner, lighter, and simpler to install than a separate decaleur and rack. BTW, I know that they look a little tall in the photos, but once on your bike they blend right in and look great.

We used to sell racks like these, but our US supplier couldn't keep making them. The new ones are all stainless steel and made in Taiwan. The stainless construction means that they will never rust or flake.

They are available in two versions. The Pass Hunter rack fits bikes with canti brakes, while the Rando rack is for bikes with caliper brakes.


Anonymous said...


You wrote "The stainless construction means that they will never rust or flake." Do you guarantee that? For how long?

Thanks, J.

Chris Kulczycki said...

All VO products are guaranteed for one year. The stainless steel we use will not rust in a non-marine environment and will never flake. That's based on a few decades experience working with boats and stainless steel fittings. If you do get a brown stain from salt (technically that is rust, but only about one molecule deep), it comes off in seconds with Ajax or metal polish.

Anonymous said...

Those look great. Is that your bike? Could we get some pics of the bikes of VO employees? That would be great.


BartF said...

Where should the mid fork eyelets be for level mounting of this rack?

Jammy Straub said...

Most excellent! Very cool you've brought these back to market. I love my front constructeur rack on my city bike and this will be great on my rando bike.

Chris Kulczycki said...

CM, that is my bike, but not the one I usually ride. It's too nice and has too many rare parts so I feel uncomfortable using it as a daily rider. Pretty silly, I know.

Bart F, The bosses should be 90mm below the bottom of the fork crown.

doug said...

I expect that I will soon be purchasing two of these racks, one for my day tourer and the other for my camper, and one bag. I am sick and tired of all the other front bags, and might as well do what the best did.

Anonymous said...


I've been looking forward to these for some time now. I need a spare decaleur bag mount (for my basket) and I already have a Champagne bag. Are the decaleur bag mounts you sell compatible? The legs look a little shorter.



Chris Kulczycki said...

Yes; they are compatible with the current bag mounts.

Jeff said...

How tall of handlebar bag will these racks work with? Specifically, what is the height from the rack platform to the holes on the bag mount? I suppose I could cut the hollow posts if they are too long, but I'm worried they might be too short. (I am currently using a mid-sized Berthoud bag.)

.s.s. said...

Regarding the silver headlight that is connected to the rack: Is that prototype for the upcoming VO Cree LED light?

It is a nice looking light.

I would love if you made a companion tail light of a similar elegant design.

Le Cagot said...

That's a B&M retro light. Nice looking, but not a great light.