12 January, 2007

Photos of City Bikes

The bike photos are coming in faster than I can post them, so please don't be offended if I don't get to yours.

The Curt Goodrich Porteur on the left was built for BB, the same gentleman who commissioned this city bike.

"I spent the better part of a year collecting all the vintage components ranging from NOS Nervex Super Leggere lugs to Mafac Drivers to the twin Radios headlamps. Curt built the frame and rack and did a spectacular job."

On the right are two cool shot of Doug Van Cleve's Peugeot. He writes:

"It is from about 1979 (based on S-A hub date of 5/79. I believe it is 100% stock and it appears to have been purchased in Amsterdam. It ended up costing me a bit over $200 which is probably on the high end of sensible, but I don't recall ever seeing another like it. The tail light suffered some damage in shipping but I found all the pieces and got it glued back together pretty well."

The rest of Doug's photos are here.

Nate sent the very cool photo of the Schwinn in the snow below (pun intended). Please post a comment with more info Nate.


n8 said...

That's an '86 Schwinn Prelude made from Columbus tubing so I put a Nitto Dove bar to continue a theme. Not too much original on there...some of my favorite parts include the front wheel, which is a 3-leading 3-trailing spoke pattern after the original got bent. The aero campy chorus post under the B67 is sort of a contradiction but it's pretty and comfortable. It's my doesn't-matter-what-the-weather-is bike. Last year I took it in the Illini Chill ride.

Andy said...

The front rack on BB's porteur is nice. Perhaps an option for another VO city rack: the big, wide load.

Joel said...


Very nice Schwin. I probably would have went with different bottle cages, but really, everything works together perfectly.

Just goes to show what a shame it is Schwinn could not survive doing what it did so well as late as 1986.

I really enjoyed the photo.

Anonymous said...

The porteur is a joy to look at. Twin headlights always make a bike look serious.

david_nj said...

The black Goodrich bike is a real beauty! Wasn't it for sale or something? I really like the vintage components -- the bars and stem are crazy cool!

Okulus said...

Delta inox cages have an understated matte finish. I like them. A little swoopy for an otherwise retro bicycle, maybe. Salsas might be a little more with the style, but all in all, looks great.

No one notices the cage when the bottles are in anyway, unless you use ugly bottles.

Joel said...


Maybe just a little bit too modern a shape for such a classic bike.

But you are correct. Once a bottle is in them they could be any shape.

Agree on the matte finish too. Works well with the bike.

neil m berg said...

I think I recall the Goodrich being for sale because it was slightly too large for the owner. I don't think it made the reserve. Of course that means it's a rider rather than a wall hanger. A very nice rider.