06 March, 2018

Save The Date - Annual VO Garage Sale

By Scott

There are two sure-fire signs that spring is arriving here in the Mid-Atlantic: Cherry Blossoms and VO's Annual Garage Sale. According to the National Parks Service, we are expecting peak bloom between March 17th and 20th. This is great news for us, not just because it is one of the prettiest times of the year here, but it is just before our annual Garage Sale. This year, the sale will be March 24th.

(Photo courtesy of Mary G at Chasing Mailboxes)

We'll run it from 9 am to noon, the usual story of various bits and pieces for sale - prototypes, frames, parts, accessories, all for cheap. We'll also offer a 20% discount for all in-stock (pre-sales not included), non-garage sale items to folks coming to the shop.

We'll have our usual supply of coffee and donuts for you to sip and munch on while perusing our vast wares.

Address for your GPS Unit:

1981 Moreland Parkway,
Bldg 3
Annapolis, MD

(Turn into the industrial park and go to the right, almost all the way to the end. We're three doors from the end on your left side. Big VO sign out front.)

If you're on Facebook, let us know if you're going to make it so that we can get lots of snacks, coffee, donuts, holes of said donuts, and teas: https://www.facebook.com/events/1683675921718942/

Hope to see you all there!


Unknown said...

woo hoo? are the donuts gluten free?

VeloOrange said...


The place from which we get donuts doesn't have a GF option, but there will be other snacks!


Rod Bruckdorfer said...

I had the date wrong and showed up this Sat. the 10th. My error was a dress rehearsal for the 24th.