29 May, 2015

The Grand Cruz and other News

By Chris

The VO Grand Cruz is underway with stops at a couple of dozen shops in Seattle and Portland over the past few weeks. Stops in Seattle included: Free Range Cycles, Defiance, 20/20 Cycles, Alki Bike & Board, Ride Bicycles, Montlake Bicycle Shop, Dutch Bike Company, and others. In Portland John and Kate visited: The Bike Commuter, 21st Ave Bikes, Clever Cycles, Velo Cult , Kenton Cycle Repair, Glady's Bikes, River City Bicycles, and City Bikes/ John has written about some of these shops on the Grand Cruz blog, worth checking out (frequently!)

This first leg was done sans the 1962 Airstream, which was undergoing final maintenance and repairs. But next week John and Kate will be in California working their way south, with Airstream, and they'll be visiting lots more dealers. Send them an e-mail if you'd like to arrange a visit at your local shop to see some of our bikes, components, and accessories.

In other news: This is one of those frustrating periods when several projects are almost done and we're just waiting for samples or minor final changes. We have a new seat post, a second disc-brake bike frame, a rack, a new stem, new hubs, and a handlebar that are almost, but not quite, ready for production. I hate waiting!

On the other hand, some new stuff should arrive in the next two weeks, including black Course handlebars, 31.8mm stems, Grand Cru stem caps, and lots of out-of-stock stuff.

The Piolet frames are done and have been shipped; they should arrive in a month. And we've already upgraded them (over the original prototypes) with lighter double butted forks.


A said...

It would have been nice to know where they were going to be in seattle beforehand as people tend to be out riding as opposed to hanging around shops!
_Super_ excited about the Piolet, very interested in a new frame. How is the Piolet for front loads?

Anonymous said...

They will be revisiting Seattle later in the summer. Contact them for tour dates, or watch their blogs.


John said...

How about sneak-peek at the Piolet geometry? That frame seems to be checking all the boxes for me.

Billy said...

How about Colorado? Any visits to Aspen
Billy Taylor
ReCycle Art Aspen

VeloOrange said...

We'll post Piolet geometry in a week or two.

Billy, I don't think Colorado is on for this year, but you can contact John to request a visit; info@thegrandcruz.com

Robert Damora said...

Hello John and Kate:
I read your blog about your road trip "The Grand Cruz", and I'd like to make a suggestion regarding a bicycle ship to visit.
If you plan to go to Texas, visit Trinity Bicycle in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a great shop, and Bernie Sheffler caters to all cyclists, but his main fan base are bicycle commuters, long distance cyclists and fixie fans.
If you do decide to visit the shop, I'd like to stop by, and meet you. I've purchased parts and accessories from Velo Orange, and I enjoy the quality of your bike parts.
Thank you,
Robert Damora

Bicycle John said...

Hi Robert,

We have not yet finalized our plans for Texas in the Fall, but will keep you posted. Thanks for the tip!

Billy @ReCycle Art...we will be in touch, you can also contact us at info@thegrandcruz.com

John & Kate-The Grand Cruz